Laurel Island

The Laurel Island dive site is one of the most beautiful destinations in Boracay. Its location and features have helped propel it as one of the five star diving destinations in the Philippines. 
The site is situated at the back of Crocodile island. If you are at Boracay, it will take only 45 to 60 minutes to reach the site. The island is reached by boat. 
What to See
There are actually two diving destinations in the area, the other one known as Laurel Tunnel. The Laurel Tunnel, as the name suggests, is a tunnel which you can swim into. There you will see sponges of all types. 
The Laurel Island dive site is best known for its caves where fish can be seen. Both sites are known for the diverse flora and fauna all around it. Corals of all shapes and colors can be seen. Whether you are swimming alone or with friends it will be a visual treat. 
Depth / Experience Level Required
The Island dive site has a maximum depth of 20 meters. The minimum depth is 5 meters. Open water level is needed. Advanced level is also ideal. The advanced level is required for those who are going to explore the cave depths. The crevices are also filled with different types of sea creatures. 
The price depends on how many dives you are going to make. A couple of dives will cost at least 50 USD. The price may be a little higher or lower depending on the guide fee. Prices in the 50 USD range will include the guide fee, the weights and fare. If you prefer Nitrox, prepare to shell out an additional 8 to 10 USD. 
Inform the dive center in advance if you plan to use Nitrox. During peak season (April to May), many people will be using Nitrox. Make your preparations early so you do not run out of supplies. 
Other Info
The currents are generally moderate. Even then, experience is highly recommended. If the current is strong, follow the advice of your guide. Again, the cave diving course is needed if you want to explore the caves. Even though the site is safe, you cannot take anything for granted. Once you have the training, there should be no difficulties. 
The Laurel Island dive site is so picturesque that diving once is not enough. Once you experience diving in the site, you will want to come back for more. 

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