Department of Tourism

The country’s Department of Tourism aims not only to promote tourism in the country but also to regulate tourist activities and tourism development in all parts of the country; especially those that are popular holiday destinations in the Philippines.
Boracay being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, has a Department of Tourism Field Office to provide assistance to tourists coming in from different parts of the world and also to monitor tourism activities in the island.
Regulating Tourism in the Island of Boracay
Tagged as one of the top 10 best beaches in the world, it comes as no surprise that the island of Boracay welcomes tourists by the thousands every year. Recent surveys have shown that the annual tourist influx in the island has numbered to more than half a million.
The island is relatively small and as such, there is bound to be negative effects on the island with the heavy tourist visits it experiences each year if no measures are put into place to ensure that the island is taken cared of in terms of keeping it clean and green, among other things.
Protecting the Island’s Biodiversity
A major concern of the Department of Tourism is how to protect, preserve and restore Boracay’s rich biodiversity, particularly its natural forests and coral reef systems.
Foremost among the measures that the agency has taken to task is regulating fishing activities; in particular promoting safe fishing methods foregoing dynamite fishing and other such methods that are harmful to the waters’ ecosystem.
The forests and the island’s natural environment has likewise been adversely affected by the quick progression of tourism in the island in particular, the sudden mushrooming of hotels and resorts all over the island and the construction of many other establishments whose main purpose is to earn through tourist patronage.
Pollution coming from misuse of the sewer system not to mention, the lack of proper draining facilities for the sewers, is a major threat to the island’s environment.
With all of these concerns, the Department of Tourism of Boracay has undertaken the responsibility of working out every issue in coordination with other agencies in the country established to protect the country’s environment and natural resources.
Tourist Services
Apart from all the above-mentioned services, the Department of Tourism of Boracay likewise provides tourist services to all foreign visitors coming into the island whether for business or pleasure.
Visa requirements and visa extensions, information on accommodations and transportation around the island as well as providing other important information concerning staying in the island such as currency exchange and island tours are all undertaken by the agency.
Contact Information
The Department of Tourism Boracay may be reached at telephone number: +63 36 288 3689. They are located along the main road, close to D’Mall.

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  2. My wife and I visited Boracay White Beach area for the third time in February 2014. Our first visit was in 2011. I can say we were able observe a diminishing quality of the White Beach with each visit. Zone 2 expressed the greatest disappoint in 2014. In 2011, we saw signs warning to not smoke on the beach. We also saw sufficient trash receptacles that were well placed.
    The amount of trash laying on the beach during our 2014 visit was ridiculous. We planned to stay for 2 weeks, but decided to visit Palawan after seeing the mess in Boracay. Why are people allowed to deposit empty cans and bottles, leave paper trash and beer caps on this so-called precious beach without any fear of punishment for polluting? Why are there no trash receptacles to deposit one’s trash. Why does the water have a occasional stench?
    We live in the U.S.A. in the state of Florida near Miami. We frequent Miami South Beach. Comparing Florida’s 600+ miles of public beach to the small size of the White Beach area of Boracay, the cleanliness of the Florida beaches to the cleanliness of this Boracay Beach is like comparing the light of the sun to the light of the moon. I think the city officials are not properly doing their job to ensure the White Beach area maintains its once quality beach. We have the pictures to illustrate our point.
    Boracay, I betanation is going to destroy what was once a very nice place. Man and his greed have proven through history, that growth has a limit. Your island is out of room to allow development of large resorts and hotels. I feel the city officials are not concerned about the real values of this island.

  3. This small island is indeed quite beautiful and I do love the sunny weather, beaches as well as the crystal clear blue waters when I visited the island for the first time last week.

    However, a gentle note to be wary of local agents and scammers who is out to sell you pricey packages for the water activities along the famous white beach. They are not transparent about all the additional costs on top of the initial (high) package prices such as snorkelling googles and even insurance fees and would make you go through them to get all these later at marked up prices. They charged me and my friend 4500 pesos per pax for parasailing and 1500 pesos per pax for island hopping. These prices are not inclusive of their self-quoted snorkeling googles at 400 pesos each and 300 pesos each for insurance fees which they would tell you just before the activity that they forgot to inform you earlier! When I realise that these prepaid water activities were too pricey as compared to others and online prices, I initiated for a refund for the parasailing quoting personal reasons but they refused to do so, saying that the tickets for parasailing (which was to take place the next day) has been issued.

    I hope the local tourism board in Boracay island can do something to regulate these ‘licensed’ agents on the streets/beach in their sales methods so as to offer some form of consumer protection especially for first-time visitors.

    Overall, the experience was average, and not within my expectations. I will not recommend to others nor will I be back to visit this island again.

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