Tambisaan Beach

The Tambisaan Beach in Boracay is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It is not as well known as Bulabog or White Beach, but there is plenty to see. 
The beach is situated between Barangay Bantud and Manoc Manoc. You can reach the place by getting on a boat. You can use any of the boat stations, but station 3 is the nearest. Once you get to the barangay, you will find the beach in no time. 
What to See
The pristine waters of the beach is without question the biggest attraction here. Like the other beaches on the island, the waters here are clean and clear, which makes it very enticing for swimming and snorkeling. You can also stroll along the sands on the beach, which can be very relaxing. You will also enjoy the views of the mountains and trees.
A visit to the beach will also let you enjoy the lovely blue skies. The skies and clouds, together with the soft sands, combine for a very attractive scenery.
Diving into the waters will allow you to enjoy the views underneath its waters. You will see a lot of fish and coral reefs. Aside from swimming, you can just relax and let all your worries disappear. In other words, it can be the complete getaway. 
Interesting Places Near the Beach
There is a village near the Tambisaan Beach in Boracay. This is where you can buy some basic necessities and some supplies. Even better is that you can interact with the locals and enjoy their company. 
In many ways, the village is a valid representation of life in the island. The people are friendly, relaxed and very hospitable. You will also see numerous boats close to the beach. As its popularity continues to grow, you can expect the number of cottages and resorts around the site to increase even more. 
Other Information
From the beach you will also get to see Crocodile Island. Strolling through the beach, you will get to appreciate the way nature has managed the landscape. It is nothing short of phenomenal. 
The tricycle ride to the Tambisaan Beach in Boracay will usually cost 50 pesos, which is just over 1 USD. But if you travel during the lean season, the fare will be much lower. The price may go up slightly during the peak months (April to May), but the fare is always negotiable. 

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