Manoc-Manoc Beach

Boracay has so many beaches that it can get difficult to decide which of them to visit. The tendency of course would be to go with the more popular choices, but there runs the risk of overlooking some real gems. One of the island’s best-kept secrets is Manoc-Manoc Beach, a truly fantastic destination deserving of more attention, of which it is starting to get as word of this scenic summer spot continues to catch on.
Location and How to Get There
Located at Boracay’s southern end, just next to Boracay’s famous White Beach, one can merely take a leisurely stroll from it to reach Manoc-Manoc Beach. Another way to get there is by riding a bicycle going to the Boracay Main Road, then walk the rest of the way there. The beach is situated near the village that shares its name, which also happens to be one of the first settlements on the island. One can easily tell if they have reached Manoc-Manoc Beach, judging from the constant stream of boats coming in to deliver supplies to the various resorts and establishments along the beach.
What to See There
As with Boracay’s other beaches, Manoc-Manoc Beach boasts of splendid white sands. But the real attraction is the beautiful scenery that can be viewed from Manoc-Manoc’s shores, such as the breathtaking mountain ranges of Caticlan, Aklan. And of course, the beautiful sunset never fails to evoke a twinge of romance in the hearts of those who bear witness to it. The waters of Manoc-Manoc are no less bereft of wonders either, as a whole new world waits underneath. Gardens of sparkling corals and scores of exotic fish thrive down in the blue depths, virtually an underwater wonderland for deep diving enthusiasts to explore. The beach owes the preservation of its natural beauty to the efforts of the local government, as well as the residents of the village of Manoc-Manoc. Another quality of the beach is that it is windy all through the year, making it a great site for windsurfing and kite boarding.
Places to Eat and Other Establishments
As Manoc-Manoc Beach becomes more and more well known, the establishments around it (shops, bars, resorts and restaurants) have been increasing in number. The most popular among these is the Boracay Beach and Yacht Club, a resort that is particularly popular for its restaurant specializing in both foreign and local cuisine. This resort also comes with a bar and karaoke lounge, as well as facilities for sports and activities such as table tennis, basketball, beach volleyball, windsurfing, and others. Aside from the Yacht Club, there are numerous resorts around the beach to pick from, each offering accommodations at affordable prices. 

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