Sundown Restaurant

The Sundown Restaurant in Boracay is one of the best known dining places on the island. Aside from the excellent service, the place is distinguished by the unique food it serves up.


The restaurant has many offerings, but its specializes are German and Austrian food. There are several dishes and delicacies that you can order. The food ranges from cold cuts, steaks to choice seafood. For something lighter, you can try their flavorful soups. You can also order different types of salads and omelets.
The dining place is also known for its huge selection of cheeses, pasta and pickles. Meat lovers will relish the varied offerings. Aside from the soups, you can also order spaghetti, pasta, seafood and banana fritters.
Customers longing for some sumptuous desserts will definitely love the multi-flavored cakes and crepes. The apple strudel is another big favorite.

Price Range

Dining at the Sundown Restaurant in Boracay does not require deep pockets. You only need about 10 USD to indulge in a full meal here. This is sufficient to savor the many delicacies and treats.

Other Information

The restaurant also serves up different kinds of beverages and wines. There are also many dishes available, many of them imported. One of the best things about the place is you can dine indoors or outdoors.
You can savor your food on the comfortable chairs inside. But you can also dine outside and enjoy the white sands. This will allow you to enjoy the view while having a sumptuous meal. All these things make it a very nice place to dine in.

Hotels Nearby

There are several hotels and resorts that can be found near this place. The Artista Beach Villas, Fridays Boracay and the Beach Club are just some of them. You will also see the Discovery Shores, Asya and Tropics Resort.
You will also find numerous dive shops in the vicinity. These include the Boracay Safari Divers, Victory Divers and Red Coconut. There are also many bars and other establishments nearby.
The dining place is not far from the D’Mall. This is the largest mall on the island. After coming from the restaurant, you will be able to go shopping.

Location and Contact Information

The Sundown Restaurant in Boracay is found at White Beach. When you visit the place, you can talk to the staff. They will provide you all the info you may want to know about the dining place.

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