Flying Fish Boat Ride

The Boracay flying fish boat ride is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do. For sheer excitement and fun, few watersports activities can compare to it. 
These rides are available from hotels and resorts. Its growing popularity means more and more travel packages are including the activity in their itinerary. 
What to See
For those who are unfamiliar with it, the vehicle is a type of a hovercraft or a vehicle with an air cushion. The action begins when the craft is pulled by a motor powered vehicle. The faster the ride goes, the more exciting it gets as you and the other passengers try to hang on for dear life. The wild ride on the breathtaking waters of Boracay make the ride even more enthralling. 
This vehicle has its roots in military technology. It was built for military use. However, some enterprising individuals saw its potential when it comes to entertainment. Eventually, a variant of this vehicle was developed for use specifically for commercial purposes. It is this type of vehicle that is used in Boracay today. 
There are variants in the design, but the basic premise is the same. You get on the boat, hold on and enjoy the ride. There is no steep learning curve here; it is all just about hanging on. It is thus not surprising why this ranks as one of the top attractions on the island. It is an activity that the whole family can participate in. 
Due to competition, the rate varies per resort / hotel. On the average however, expect to pay around 600 pesos for each individual. This is good enough for a fifteen minute ride. There are longer rides available, but it will cost more. 
The charges will also depend on where you plan to go. The locations of these services differ, so pick the one that you think is most scenic. You should also look online; there are many travel packages to the island that include this activity. 
Other Info 
These rides will require a minimum number of passengers. Typically it is three. The maximum number depends on the size of the craft. Most can accommodate up to six people. There are even bigger models that can hold eight people. 
If you are interested in water sport activities but find them too challenging, give the Boracay flying fish boat ride a try. It is a thrilling ride but without any complexities.

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