The popularity of Boracay windsurfing can be seen by the number of tourists engaged in this activity. This should not be surprising, as the experience is nothing short of exhilarating. 
The most ideal spot for this activity is Bulabog Beach. This is to the east of the island. What makes the place ideal is the wind. From November to April (the high / peak season) the wind speed is around 12 knots. 
What to See
The beach and the wind combine to make the experience truly enjoyable. Apart from the sheer thrill of being on the water, the more adventurous will be able to do spins, loops and jumps. 
With the wind and the waves, you will have a lot of fun trying out different moves. There is even a yearly competition for the true Boracay windsurfing aficionados. You can take part or watch the event from the comforts of the beach. 
For the rider, the thrill offered by the activity has few equals. Being able to successfully ride the waves is key, and mastering it requires practice. For those watching, it is a true visual spectacle. 
This watersports activity has been around for a long time. In Boracay, the sport quickly gained popularity as people saw the possibilities with the wind and the scenery. 
Today, there are several establishments where you can rent the needed equipment. Due to its popularity, these are now available in a variety of sizes. Courses for beginners and advanced students are also available. 
The rates will vary depending on the length of time you rent the equipment. A one hour rental costs USD 15. A one day rental will cost USD 75. A 13 hour rental costs USD 150. If you want to rent the equipment for a week, it will cost USD 300. There are beginning and teaching equipment too. 
Other Info
For those who are not familiar with the activity, it is a combination of sailing and surfing. The platform is attached on a board. The individual works the rig while riding on it. There is a sail and mast. The motion, speed and movement depends on the waves and above all, the skill of the individual. 
If you have not tried Boracay windsurfing, now is the best time. The costs of renting are going down due to competition. Once you start riding the waves, you will understand why people are enamored with it.

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