Mo2 Underground Disco

The Mo2 Underground Disco is one of the preeminent nightspots in Boracay. The bar is also known as much for its drinks as much as the ambiance. 
The place can be located inside Boracay Regency. This is at station 2 at Barangay Balabag. Once you get to the hotel, you will find the disco. Some of the service providers nearby are the Club Manila East, Red Coconut and Club Ten. Other hotels nearby are the Villa Criselda, Nigi-Nigi Nu Noos and Casa Pilar. 
The Mo2 Underground Disco has several drinks on tap. Visitors to the bar can choose from rums, tequilas, wines and beer. Beers of different flavors and types are available. 
If you prefer something lighter, try their champagne, white or red wine. The bar also offers many treats like calamares and sisig. Side dishes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available. 
The bar has many attractions, but its overriding feature is the Mexican theme. The bar is known for its drinks and food. Whether you want to drink something light or heavy, there are plenty of choices. Their menu is always being updated, so you will always find something new to feast upon when you go to the bar. 
You only have to spend 500 pesos to sample the drinks and treats at the place. For a few hundred pesos, you will get to taste its succulent food and drinks. 
Other Info
The bar is also known for its DJs who provide great music for the venue. Bands also come to the bar to perform live. The live bands and the people make the place very lively and a real entertainment spot. There are several KTV rooms for those who want to sing with their friends. 
Whether you want to belt out some R&B tunes or classics, it is up to you. The bar also plays hip hop, rock and house tunes. On some days, it plays pop music and some alternative as well. Whatever type of music you want to listen to, you will find it at the bar. The music is just one aspect; you will also get to mingle with foreigners and locals. 
Contact Information
If you are interested in knowing more about the Mo2 Underground Disco, you can send them an email at You can also find more information about the site on their website, For more information, you can call them at the (02)-894-1839, (02)-843-0266 or (02)-894-4456.

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