Helicopter Adventures in Boracay

Going on Boracay helicopter adventure tours is an exciting and stylish way to see the best the island has to offer. Once considered a novelty, it is now becoming more commonplace. 
These services have their helipads in the island heliport at the Cagban port. The service provider you contracted can take you to the site. There are also tricycles that can transport you to the port. 
What to See
From high above, you will see the island in all its magnificence. You can see the verdant fairways of the magnificent golf courses as you fly off. The tour will take you over the stunning white sand beaches of the island. There are unobstructed views of the water, the beaches and the skies. 
Unlike from the ground, the vistas are unlimited, and you get to see everything at once. These tours also give you the chance to see coral beds and bat caves. In a matter of a minutes, you will be able to see all the major attractions on the island that would normally take hours. 
Boracay helicopter adventure tours have been steadily becoming more popular. The lowering of the tour costs is one factor. Another is the number of people looking for more exciting ways to spend their time on the island. 
Today, these tours can be found all over the island. The services offered are world class. They offer airport transfers straight to the helipads. To meet the demand of customers, these companies often upgrade their helicopters. 
The cost will depend on the type of tour you want. A tour of the beaches costs about 70 USD. For a tour of White Beach, the cost will be 105 USD. If you want a tour of the whole island, it will cost 150 USD. 
All these prices are per individual. There are different rates for the group packages. These tours can also be used for special events and gatherings. 
Other Info
Make sure to get all the details first. Always reconfirm the flight departure time. These flights typically have a minimum and maximum number of passengers allowed. Usually, the minimum required is two and the maximum is four. You should also inquire if luggage is allowed. On the average, the tour lasts for 15 minutes. 
These Boracay helicopter adventure tours are more expensive compared to other activities on the island. But the views it offers of the whole place make it worth every penny. 

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  1. Hi there,
    I was wondering how much a helicopter flight would be, going around Boracay (all the beaches) for about 15 minutes, with 4 adults and one child of 6 years?

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