Yapak 2

The Yapak 2 dive site in Boracay is considered by many divers as one of the finest on the island. True there are many similar diving destinations nearby, but few can match its quality.

Location of Yapak 2 Dive Site

This dive area is located close to the northern shore of the island. You can board a boat at boat station 1. It will take you 15 minutes to reach the site.

What to See

The waters are blue, and plunging into its depths is like entering another world. The biggest treats here are the marine life forms. Early morning divers will likely come across the manta rays. Other creatures you will see are the green sea turtles, eagle ray and white tip reef sharks.

The red bass, sweetlips, tuna and other fish can be seen all around. The manta rays and sharks can be seen if you go as deep as 60 meters. The waters are very clear, and the visibility is very good. This means you can see the attractions without too much trouble.

Depth / Experience Level Required

The regular dive minimum depth is 30 meters. The maximum depth is 60 meters. You can only venture into the maximum depths if you possess a tech diver certification. The Yapak 2 dive site in Boracay is ideal for experienced divers with advanced diving certificates.

The site usually has mild currents, but this can get strong. A guide is absolutely necessary for handling the stronger currents. Do not attempt this dive alone if you are a novice.


The price range is between 35 to 50 USD. This is higher compared to the other dive areas. This is understandable as the depth and complexity of the site will require a lot out of the dive instructor.

Due to the popularity of the site, you can find qualified instructors in practically all the resorts and dive shops at the island. Rental shops are aplenty. The boat stations are good places to obtain tanks, weights and other gears.

Other Info about Yapak 2

The name of the site refers to a wall. There are two of them, the other one called Yapak 1. They are regarded as two because each site covers a wall. Both are five star sites.

If you are looking for a unique diving experience, the Yapak 2 dive site in Boracay is a good choice. As anyone who has been there will tell you, one dive is never enough.

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