Punta Bunga

There are many dive areas around Boracay, but some are designed for experienced divers. However, the Punta Bunga dive site is one that is suitable for novices. 
The diving area can be found next to the Yapak diving areas. It is also close to the Balinghai Wall. The quickest way to reach the site is to board a boat at boat station 1. The trip will take 15 minutes. The diving area is linked to the Yapak walls. 
What to See
Diving into the waters can be a very unique experience. It is very calm, allowing you to take in the scenery easily. In the midst of the calm waters are numerous cubbyholes. In them are eels, triggerfish and groupers. Critter, lionfish and nudibranch proliferate in the area too. 
Butterfly fish and angelfish can also be seen. Divers at the Punta Bunga dive site have also reported seeing rays lurking below the corals. These stingrays can also be seen at the many rock formations in the site. 
Depth / Experience Level Required
The minimum depth is 9 meters, and the maximum depth is 25 meters. The currents here are mild compared to the diving areas nearby. In fact, the currents are so light it may feel like there is none at all. This makes the site ideal for open water level divers. In diving parlance, the site is known as a shallow dive. 
Unlike more complicated diving destinations, this one is easy to navigate. You should experience few problems performing different maneuvers. The dive does not require much physically. Compared to other destinations like Yapak, there is less stress on the body and lungs. 
The expenses will usually come up to 25 USD. This will cover the costs of the dive instructor, guide, tanks and other gear. This cost will also include the costs of weights. The expenses may be reduced if you are going there as a group. 
Other Info
It is all right to swim beside the fish, but do not place your hand in the cubbyholes. The eels will deem this a threat and bite you. 
Unlike other diving destinations, the learning curve is not that difficult. But you have to make sure to pay attention to the information your guide provides. 
When you go to the Punta Bunga dive site, bring along a camera. With its fish and corals, you will have plenty of objects to shoot at.

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