Dragon Boat Festival

Of the various fiestas and celebrations held on the island, the Boracay Dragon Boat Festival ranks as one of the best and most watched. For many people, no visit to the island would be complete without seeing this event. 
The competition is held in Boracay island on the second week of July. You can reach any point on the island by riding a tricycle. Just tell the driver you want to see the festival; you wil be taken to the site. 
What to See
The participants emanate from different countries around the world. When you go watch the event, you will see celebrities, tourists and other personalities amongst the crowds. You will feel the excitement in the crowd as they cheer the competitors on. Those watching the event will see that up to 50 teams compete. 
Prior to the competition itself, there are other events held. One of the most popular exhibitions is the paraw boat sailing. The paraw is a traditional Philippine boat. 
Skimboarding exhibitions are also held regularly. Also worth checking out are the sand sculpture competitions. The sight of these displays will delight everyone watching. 
The competition is conducted a day after the preliminaries. The man's division starts the action followed by the women’s division. The mixed division is the final event held. After the competition, the participants can indulge in the Food Festival. The festival has numerous vendors, eateries and food. You can sample a lot of the food there. 
The Boracay Dragon Boat Festival has its origin in water boat racing in China. In ancient times, the event was a religious ritual / ceremony held in honor of the dragon god. During the competition, festive atmosphere prevailed.
Eventually, the sport spread throughout Europe, America and the Philippines. It has become an international sport. Today, you can watch the teams slug it out in all their glory. 
There is no entrance fee. You can watch the event for free. However, you need to pay for the food and drinks. 
Other Info
Many of the participants are from the Philippines. They typically represent a group, but others are school or university representatives. The contingents from abroad are mainly from Australia, Europe and Southeast Asia. 
On the surface, the Boracay Dragon Boat Festival would seem to be about competition, and it is. But there is more to the event than that. It is also about having a party and a good time. 

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