Paraw Sailing

Boracay paraw sailing is one of the most sought after water sport activities on the island. If you are looking for a way to relax, this is one of those activities you should consider trying. 
Sailing on the waters is often done at White Beach. But actually, you can try sailing in other beaches along the island too. 
What to See
Sailing on the boat during the sunset is a treat for the senses. Gliding along the seas and watching the colors of the sky change slowly will do wonders for your body, mind and spirit. Aside from enjoying the scenery, it brings about a feeling of tranquility. 
Apart from the beautiful skies, the crystalline waters is also an attraction. Boracay paraw sailing when the wind blows is fantastic. It makes the ride more exciting. The Boracay paraw sailing experience is also a great way to see the various sightseeing spots around the island. 
The boat itself is a feast for the eyes. They are painted in bright different colors. Apart from the ornate decorations, the sails are imaginatively set. This styling actually says a lot about the personalities of the boat owner as well. 
The paraw is the native boat on the Philippines. While there are many speedboats and jet skis on the island, the traditional boat ride is still popular. Proof of its popularity is the number of tourists who take part in it. 
This boat comes in different sizes, but most are small. The hull is shallow. Materials used vary but most are bamboo or some type of wood. There are floaters on the sides of the boat. These function as outriggers so the boat remains in good balance. 
Most of these boats can hold four passengers. Larger ones are good for six or more people. Historians say the boat may have been derived from, or inspired by the Borneans. 
There is historical evidence the Borneans visited the Philippines during the 13th century. They sailed to the island for trading purposes. Since then, the boat has become a fixture on the island. 
The charge is 500 pesos an hour. 
Other Info
One of the best known services is the Red Pirates Tours sailboat tour. Headed by Captain Joey, it has gone on to become a fixture in the waters of the island. 
Boracay paraw sailing is something that visitors to the place should try out. It is the experience of a lifetime, and will definitely be worthwhile. 

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  1. normally how does a complete paraw sailing tour takes so as fo us to compute the total expenses and schedule other activity there. we also plan to try banana boating, fly fish, diving etc. tnx

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