Geography of Boracay

Boracay geography is not something visitors to the island usually take notice of. But understanding its geographical features will increase your appreciation of the place. 
The White Beaches
Without question, its most famous features are the white sand beaches. There are 10.3 sq km of these white sands plus some wood areas, mountain and hills. The island is included in the Panay Island Group. 
Along a strait is a jetty port. This is the usual entrance and exit point for visitors. If the climate permits, Tambissan beach can be used as well. 
There are a dozen beaches in the site. Apart from the well known White Beach, there is also the Puka Shell Beach. This beach is to the north of the island. It is still undeveloped and quite striking. Many other beaches can be found along the island. 
The island is in the northwestern section of Aklan. Manila is 200 miles north of the island. Regardless of the time of the year, the white sands will be visible. Its location in the Sulu Sea ensures it receives warm weather. 
The Landscape 
The Boracay geography has 628 hectares of agricultural land. About 400 hectares have been reserved as wood and forest areas. Its main beaches are Bulabog Beach and White Beach. Both are located in the heart of the island. 
Boracay itself has a somewhat butterfly shape. Besides the white sands, the White Beach is filled with verdant greens and lovely hills.
Bulabog Beach is noted for the strong winds that prevail over it. That is the reason why it is a popular site for kite boarding and windsurfing. The waters around the island are filled with coral reefs. Bulabog and White Beach are the most popular beaches. 
The island is separated into three districts: Balabag, Yapac and Manoc-Manoc. The whole island is included in the Malay town with seventeen barangays. The island itself is a couple of kilometers away from the Island of Panay. 
The island is situated a couple of kilometers from Caticlan. This is the primary entryway for air and sea access to the island. The Caticlan jetty port will carry the passengers to the island. 
Knowing some facts about Boracay geography will increase your appreciation of the place. It only goes to show that there is more to the place than just its lovely beaches. While the number of resorts and hotels continue to increase, the beauty of the island has been preserved.

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