Nestea Beach Volleyball

The Nestea Beach Volleyball has become a fixture on the island of Boracay. Ever since it began, the event has come to symbolize all that is fun and great about this island paradise. 
This volleyball tournament takes place in various parts of the country. However the grand finals never fails to happen in Boracay. This championship takes place in April, right at the peak tourist season. The jetties at Caticlan provide the quickest way to reach the island. With the speedboats, the journey will take around 15 to 20 minutes. 
What to See
The event is noted for its sizzling volleyball action right on the beach. You will see top caliber players slugging it out, hitting the ball with all their might and making spectacular dives. 
The huge crowd that it attracts is also part of the fun. Adding to the fun is the setting, right in the beautiful beaches of the island. Watching the volleyball games is an exhilarating experience. 
Watching the players spike and volley the ball can take your breath away. Matching the intensity of the players are the cheering of the crowds. The combination of the beach, the crowd and the volleyball action will pump you up. For the volleyball fanatic, this is an experience you will not want to pass up, ever. 
The Nestea Beach Volleyball has grown exponentially throughout the years. Today it is not uncommon to see dozens of teams participating. These come from the different schools and universities around the Philippines. 
Today, the event has grown to such an extent that it is considered one of the grandest volleyball tournaments in the land. More than ever, teams are lining up to join and be declared the best volleyball team in Boracay. 
The costs will vary from year to year. The registration fees may differ so the best option is to get in touch with the organizer. 
Other Info 
The tournament is also famous for its prizes. The winning team receives thousands of pesos in cash. Aside from that, there are other items given away. Among them are sports equipment and of course the trophies. The participants and audience can also look forward to the parties that take place after the championship.
The Nestea Beach Volleyball has come to represent summer fun in Boracay. The excitement generated at the games has few equals. It is something that you are not likely to forget. 

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  1. How does a team sign up for the tournements? Please email back, me and my partner want to join in the beach tournaments.

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