Juice Bar

The Juice Bar in Boracay is one of the trendiest nightspots on the island. Its food, music and the people have turned it into a haven for people looking for a good time. While there are many bars in the island, the atmosphere here is one of the best.


The bar can be found close to boat station 2 at Plazoleta at White Beach. You will know it is the right place when you see the people relaxing on the cushions and beanbags outside the bar.

The place is not far from the famous hotels and resorts, so tourists will have no problems getting back to their place. Some of the famous landmarks around the bar are Likewise, Boracay Regency, Nigi-Nigi Nu Noos and Club Ten.


The Juice Bar in Boracay has several choice drinks. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are offered on the bar. But drinks are not the only things you can get here. The place is also well known for delectable food.

Different types of barbecues are served. Calamares and sisig are also very popular among its customers. A big hit among its customers are the grilled food specials, the top favorite being kilawin. Together with the music, it is no wonder that the place is a huge favorite among the people in Boracay.


The costs of the food and drinks differ, but they are very affordable. Even the special treats will cost no more than 400 pesos. During special occasions, the bar offers special discounts, reducing the price even more.

Other Info

The bar is well known for tis beautiful selection of R&B music. Its good selection only adds to the ambiance and makes it very enjoyable. The bar is also known for its very friendly staff, who are always ready to help their customers. Since the bar is close to D’Mall, you can also drop by that place for some shopping.

Aside from R&B, the bar also plays other easy listening tunes. Of particular note are the bongo drums and other native instruments that are used. During special occasions however, the bar will get you moving with some hip hop and eletronica music. The variety will add more excitement and fun to the place.

Contact Information

The best way to learn more about the Juice Bar in Boracay is by visiting the place at White Beach. The owners will provide you all the info you need.

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  1. i went to juice bar last sat (11/17/12) i HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!! the music was cool! the dj is cute! the bartenders and staff are so friendly!! i felt like i was in a night out in manila!!!! thank you so much guys!!!!

  2. Juice Bar is definitely one of the best if not the best bar in Boracay. The beat of the sounds are great and the staffs especially the bar tender (Eric) are all friendly. You will definitely go back once you have visited them.

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