When to Go to Boracay

Boracay is a lovely island. We all know that. So we are sure what you would like to know is when to go to Boracay to enjoy it at its finest. Well, we have several different answers.
The Peak Season
December to April is the high season for tourists to flood the island. This is when lots of activities, lots of the beautiful sun, and lots of the pleasant weather can be enjoyed.
Boracay offers many interesting activities that only a fine weather could permit. If you love water sports and activities, this is the best time to go. That is, if you manage to secure a nice accommodation against everyone else who are roaring to go.
It is definitely a plus that the peak season entails some of the most exciting events held in the island. There is the mardi gras-like parade in January also known as the Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival. It is also during the peak season that sporting events are held. Add to that the fact that it includes December, a time when the festive mood is all around everywhere but even brighter in the island.
The ‘Hot’ Season
May and June also offers a nice time to make the trip to Boracay. It is when the sun is hottest, prompting every kind of traveler to itch for the beach. The sun, the sea, and the sand look lovelier and quite more tempting these days.
However, if you are not so fond with getting burned or getting a tan at the very least, you might not think it is ideal to enjoy Boracay at this time.
The Off Season
If you are traveling on a budget, taking the trip between July and November is a good idea. It is when there is a low demand for accommodation so hotel owners are forced to offer promos just so they will not be vacant for a long period of time.
Traveling during the low season is also ideal for introverts, for those who love to enjoy the sea without the sight of a sea of people everywhere. It is the best time to enjoy the island without having to compete with a lot of people for the amazing patch of crystal blue waters and powdery white sand.
Plus, October to November offers the best sunsets.
Then again, July to November being an off season, you cannot expect Boracay to be as lively, especially given the kind of weather expected during this time.
Although the island is naturally shielded to experience fierce typhoons, you still would not appreciate a gloomy weather if you are a certified sun worshiper.

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