International Paraw Cup Challenge

The International Paraw Cup Challenge is one of the major sporting events on the island of Boracay. The many elements in this event make it one of the most memorable in Boracay. 
The sporting event is held every February in Boracay. Tricycles are the most common form of transportation and they will take you to the venue quickly. You can reach the island by taking one of the boats at the jetty in Caticlan. If you like, you can travel to the island by way of ferries. Once you are in Boracay, you can ride a tricycle and get to the venue. 
What to See
The Cup has many activities designed to make it enjoyable for the participants and also the spectators. The main attractions are the water sport shows. The highlight here is the kayaking competition. The crowd will also get to see the sailing skills of the participants. 
The event is mesmerizing to watch, and making it even more so are the crowds that watch the event. What makes it even more exciting are the parties and shows associated with the event. 
There are also many other gatherings and goings-on that take place before and after the event. That is another reason why local and foreign tourists absolutely love it when the Cup comes around. 
The International Paraw Cup Challenge was launched to promote sailing and kayaking on the island. Thanks to the beauty and ideal water conditions at Boracay, the competition became a hit with kayaking fanatics. 
In no time at all, the event would attract followers all over the world. This would lead to an increase in the number of participants and the cash prizes as well. 
All interested participants have to pay a registration fee. The costs are not fixed however, so you should contact the show organizer for the specific details. The tricycle fare is usually 60 pesos. 
Other Info
If you plan to stay and watch the event, book as early as possible. The hotels and resorts usually get filled up when there is a major event like this. Booking early also means you get to avoid the high rates that appear when you book late during peak season. 
Since its inception, the International Paraw Cup Challenge has become one of the premiere kayaking events in Boracay. It is now considered one of the biggest water sport shows not just on the island but in the Philippines. 

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