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The island of Boracay in the Philippines usually receives a lot of visitors. The tourists that frequent its pristine shores include those coming from the other parts of the country and those from other parts of the world. This is but a small island compared to the other larger main islands of the Philippines. However, this island alone has captivated many by her charms and tropical allures.
A Bit of History
This tropical island in the Philippines was virtually unknown, except for a few who kept its existence secret. There are several views that compete to explain how the island became general knowledge to the public. However, it is generally agreed that tourism activities on the island began in the 1970s. Ten years later the island became a big hit with backpackers everywhere.
The island was slowly developed and resorts and hotels kept popping up to cover the increasing demand for lodgings and other tourist needs. The locals on the island slowly shifted their way of life to accommodating visitors and running the services of the hospitality providers who have occupied their once peaceful shores. In the 21st century, it is no secret that many folks thought this was the best beach in the entire world.
Boracay Activities
Obviously, the main thing to do while on this island paradise is to frolic in the water. Others tend to just enjoy a stroll on the white sands, enjoy the view at the shore on a beach bed or hammock, star gazing at night, beach combing, and taking pictures of either the sunset or sunrise. What's important is to make the most of the view and the opportunity to enjoy a moment in paradise.
Water sports naturally became an in thing in the island, particularly along its east coast at Bulabog Beach. Windsurfing, parasailing, diving, snorkeling, kite boarding, and other water sports have fast become a hobby for many who have been here. In fact, a lot of people have deemed Bulabog Beach as one of the hottest kite surf destinations in the whole of Asia. Golf, cycling, horseback riding, and other sports are also quite popular with various competitions scheduled in an entire year.
Bars and Nightlife
You can say that this island is alive and awake 24/7 ten days a week. Well, that is the case with White Beach and the other popular nightlife centers of Boracay. Of course, there are quieter sections of the place where one can snooze all they want when the lights go out and jump to the shores and enjoy the sun when it goes up. Note that there are a lot of nightlife options in this island. Most of them are found at the heart of White Beach. Bar hopping and partying all night has already become quite common.
Like the many places in the Philippines, the island also has a lot of festivities throughout an entire year. Some of the scheduled festivities are cultural in nature while others celebrate different sports. It is easy to notice that a lot of golf tournaments are scheduled each year attracting enthusiasts from various places.
Hotels and Resorts
There are literally hundreds of hotels and resorts that have made their way into Boracay. In fact, there are more hospitality service providers and similar establishments that are being planned. It is a fact that the island never runs out of tourists, either local or foreign. This simply means that business for these establishments will continue to fill the steady demand for better quality lodgings and amenities.
Boracay Restaurants
Restaurants will always be an integral part of the tourism industry in the Philippines. Of course, people come to the various parts of the country to sample the food. However, the restaurants here on the island take it up another notch. They do not want to simply just provide Filipino cuisine but the idea is to bring the best flavors in the world and let it all fuse with the best on the white sands of Boracay.
The result is a cacophony of various restaurants serving a wide diversity of flavors and an adventure for your taste buds. D'Mall is not only the center of shopping and commerce in the island, it is also where you'll find lots of restaurants to choose from. However, do take note that many of the classy hotels and resorts do have their own restaurants.
Scuba Diving
One of the biggest water sports here on the island, other than kite boarding, is scuba diving. In fact, some of the dive sites you'll find on these shores are simply samples of the best that the Philippines have to offer. To cater to the growing demand, various dive outfitters and dive shops have put on the mantle of responsibility to provide dive safaris, dive lessons, and diving equipment to those who come to enjoy the beauty of island's waters below the sea level.
Transportation in paradise is simple and often will involve a bit of an adventure. Take note that you need to hop on a domestic plane flight to Caticlan and then take a short boat ride to get to the island. Once you're in, the options are made a lot easier. If the hotel or resort you booked with has hotel transfers as an added service you're in luck since you'll be taken to your hotel or inn back and forth.
If not, then you get to do what most of the people do to get to the many places around here – walk! Yes, nothing like a scenic view of the island as you trot to your next destination. That will not be so pleasant if you get to carry your bags just to get booked in your hotel. In case you have some lifting on hand then hop on a tricycle. It's one of those motorbikes outfitted with a sidecar. Functions like a taxi minus the meter and the New York cabbie accent.

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