Bubbles Bar

Bubbles Bar Boracay is one of those bars that people never get tired of going to. What makes the bar so popular is its easy, laid back style. There is no need to come dressed in formal clothing or any of that. The place gets really packed from Thursdays to Saturdays. 
You can find this bar not far from boat station 3. It is the point where the divers come and go. The place is not far from the beach resorts, so you can reach the place easily. 
The place is well known for its live barbecue sessions. This treat typically takes place during special occasions, but can also happen anytime. The bar has many types of drinks, and is known for its happy hour. Happy hour starts when the bar opens at 6 pm and goes on for a couple of hours. 
Bubbles Bar Boracay also has fried calamares, peanuts and other treats you can take with the beverages. Different types of food are served, the most popular being British and Asian dishes. Bangers and other popular treats from the UK are served regularly. Grilled food is especially popular with its customers. 
The food served is mostly English, but there are other dishes available. Its customers are particularly fond of its sausages which come in different styles. Fish, chips and sandwiches abound. About the only problem you will have is deciding which food to buy. 
The cost of the drinks vary, but the price is usually around 1 USD. During special occasions, discounts on drinks are offered. On certain occasions, the side dishes are on the house. 
Other Info
The bar has proven to be very popular among expats and foreigners. In particular, it is the favorite hangout of German, Australian and English expats. During the summer months, you will see them hanging around the bar. 
The bar broadcasts live football games, another reason why it is such a hit with Europeans and other lovers of the sport. 
Aside from sports, the bar also whips out some cool reggae and hip hop tunes, perfect for the party animals. The music, drinks and atmosphere make it one of the best places you can go to for a party. 
Contact Information
The Bubbles Bar Boracay opens at 6 pm and closes at 6 am. If you want to know anything about the bar, you can just ask the owner, who is named Lee.

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