Mistral Funboard Center

If you want to know what windsurfing is all about, check out the Mistral Funboard Center in Boracay. It has all the lessons and courses you need to get started on the sport. 
The Center can be found at Barangay Bulabog. This is close to Bulabog Beach. If you are staying at White Beach, take a ride on one of the tricycles at D’Mall. Just ask to be taken to the Center and you will be brought there. Another option is to head over to Pacific Patio. From there you can get to Bulabog Beach. 
What to See
If you want to see windsurfers in action, head over to Bulabog Beach. With winds ranging from 12 to 20 knots, it is ideal for the sport. Aside from it, other activities like parasailing can be seen at the beach. 
The Mistral Funboard Center in offers many courses for those who want to learn the sport. For those who are new to the sport, there are courses made specially for beginners. Those who want to have private lessons can avail of them too. 
Windsurfing has long been a popular sport in beaches. As Boracay became more and more popular, various types of watersports emerged. Initially, the island became known for scuba diving and snorkeling. Over time, other sports emerged. 
Some of the extreme sports that would become popular are kiteboarding, parasailing, jet skiing and of course windsurfing. As the latter became increasingly popular, centers were set up to accommodate those who wanted to learn the activity. 
The costs will depend on the type of lesson you want. The basic lessons will cost at least 3,000 pesos. These instructions are basic, but they will teach the fundamentals to get you started. 
The private lessons are charged on an hourly basis. The rate is about 1,500 per hour. Advanced private lessons cost 3,000 pesos. The costs however are subject to change, so it is best to carry some extra cash. 
Other Info
The Center also sells sails and surfboards. The types range from entry level to high level. There are also slaloms and racing longhands. The Center also sells wave boards and freestyle boards. There are different sails too, including rotational and cambered types. 
The Mistral Funboard Center is the place for those who are eager to learn what windsurfing is all about. Once you learn the basics you will be ready to strut your stuff at the beach.

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