Cocomangas Shooter Bar

The Cocomangas Shooter Bar is a classy diner by day, but during the evenings it turns into one of the most sizzling party places in Boracay. It is perfect for those who want to spend the night on the dance floor. 
The bar can be found at boat station 1. It is not far from the dining areas near the station. It is also close to D’Mall. 
The bar is known for its highly original and unique drinks and concoctions. The Jamjar is one of the most popular, as is the Chicos Surprise. This is composed of Baileys, Galliano and crema decacao. 
Another favorite is the Pacific Aerolift 747. This is made up of Baileys, tequila and Kahlua. If you prefer something spicy, the Cocomangas Shooter Bar has the Canadian Praire Fire. This is tequila with Tabasco sauce. 
There are many drinks in the bar, but you should really try the Test Tube Baby, which is composed of amaretto, vodka and some cream. Also popular is the Screaming Orgasm, a drink made up of amaretto, Kahlua and Baileys. 
The bar is also popular for its Still Standing after 15 contest. This is a drinking contest where participants take 15 shots of the drinks in the bar. Participants from all over the world are welcome to join the contest. There are many other contests held in the bar, but this is probably the most famous. 
The drinks are sold at reasonable prices. The seafood, pizza and other treats cost 100 pesos per individual. The drinks are also affordable. They only cost 50 pesos. The rate is comparable with those of the other bars on the island. The low prices is one of the main reasons why this place is so popular with the people in Boracay. 
Other Info
Lovers of hip hop music will love the stuff they play here, as the bar plays the latest and greatest rap / hip hop tunes today. They also play pop music, much to the delight of pop music fans. The bar has its own DJ, a spacious dance floor and specially designed lights just for the show. 
If you want to a take a break from dancing, there is a more private, quiet section in the bar. You can watch TV or play some pool. 
Contact Information
The Cocomangas Shooter Bar can be reached at telephone number 63-36-288-6384. The place is owned by the Cocomangas Hotel Beach Resort. 

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