Tennis Court in Boracay

If you are in Boracay but still want to work on your serve and volleys, fear not. There are Boracay tennis courts available. Anytime you feel the urge to play, you have an option. 
There are two venues available, the Tirol and Tirol Tennis Cub and Lorenzo Main Tennis Court. The latter can be found at Mangagayad. This is near boat station 3. 
The Tirol and Tirol Tennis Court can be found near Balabag. This is not far from the first boat station. This resort is situated near the resort that bears its name. Both of these venues can be reached by taking a tricycle. 
What to See
Both of these Boracay tennis courts are world class venues. The Tirol and Tirol court has a hard surface. It is set along stunning hedges ornately laid out. These courts are fully equipped with all the features needed to play the game. The built in lighting ensures you will not have problems playing at night. 
Tennis has been around for a long time, but it is only starting to become popular in Boracay now. Since the island became a popular tourist destination beginning in the 1980s, its main attraction have been the beaches. For this reason, many of the activities are water sport oriented. 
However, this has changed the past few years. There are now many trekking and hiking tours. Along with these came the development of golf courses and now tennis courts. This has come about as people who go to the island begin looking for more recreational activities. 
The standard rate is 500 pesos for 60 minutes of playing time. This charge is inclusive of the rackets and the balls. To avail of the ball boys, a small extra fee is required. 
There are also coaches and lessons available for hire. Both of these courts are owned by the resorts from which their names are derived. This means that the hotel guests can use them freely anytime.
Other Info
These courts are being upgraded often. This means that features like drinks, food and other accommodations may vary from venue to venue. Regardless of where you play, practice is important for getting the most out of your game. 
The Boracay tennis courts are very popular, so making advanced reservations is recommended. You have to inform the site if you want to play in the evening or day. The former costs a bit more. 

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