Charls Bar

Charls Bar in Boracay is one of the best nightspots on the island. If you are looking for a good place to spend the night, give this bar a shot. You will not regret it. 
The bar is located at boat station 2. The bar is not that big, but you will recognize the place instantly. The bar is right next Baracudas, a restaurant. You will recognize the place, as it is where the party people hang around the sand and drink. They also dance to the grooves and have a good time. 
The Charls Bar in Boracay is known for its wide selection of drinks and alcoholic beverages. The pinacolada is one of the top drinks on the bar. There are several other treats in the bar. 
One of the most popular beers in the Philippines, San Miguel Beer, is also available. The bar is also known for its very extensive selection of rum, wine and margaritas. 
The bar has its Happy Hour. It starts from 5:00 pm up to 9:00 pm. During Happy Hour, the customers will get a free drink for every drink they buy. 
The cocktails and drinks are very affordable. A bottle of San Miguel costs fifty pesos. The pinacolada only costs 150 pesos. You can get a whole bunch of treats and drinks for only 500 to 1,000 pesos. With a few thousand pesos in cash, you will have a great time at the bar. 
Other Info
As the bar is very near boat station 2, it is in close proximity to the many resorts on the island. Some of the resorts you will see are Nigi-Nigi Nu Noos, Casa Pilar Boracay Resort and Waling Waling. After partying at the bar, you can stay in places like La Carmela, Seraph and Hey Jude hotel. There are landmarks nearby. 
Formal attire is not necessary; you can come in wearing T-shirts, shorts or your favorite swimsuit. The club is also known for its diverse music. They play folk, rock, country and others. 
Bands sing at the venue very often, adding excitement to the place almost every night. Different themes are held on the bar, which makes for some very interesting evenings. These free shows are made possible by the state of the art equipment. 
Contact Information
You can learn more about the Charls Bar in Boracay by visiting the bar. The friendly staff will accommodate all your questions and inquiries about the place. 

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