Yapak Beach

White Beach is stunning, but the truth is there are other fine beaches on the island. Yapak Beach in Boracay is certainly one of those. If you have not been to the site, you are missing out on one of the best attractions in the Philippines.
The beach is less than 15 minutes away from White Beach. A tricycle can take you there in a few minutes. The fare is at least 50 pesos. but during peak season, it may cost up to 150 pesos. 
What to See
One of the first things that will catch your eye when you get to the beach are the puka seashells all over the place. That is the reason any the place is also called Puka Shell Beach. You will have plenty to explore, as this is one of the largest beaches on the island. 
Another thing that will strike you when you get on the beach is how quiet it is. Not many people come here as in White Beach, which makes it even more enticing. With fewer people, you can walk, swim and enjoy the scenery peacefully and quietly. Compared with the other beaches, it is more serene and romantic here. 
One of the biggest attractions here are the sunsets. Sunsets are always beautiful on the island, but here it is simply stunning. The colors that appear on the skies are reflected on the waters, enhancing their appearance. 
The adventurous types can go to the far end of the beach. The waters there are deeper and a bit rougher compared to the rest. This can be a fun place for skilled swimmers to take a dive. Another nice thing here are the sands, which are comparable to those in White Beach. 
Restaurants Near the Beach 
Yapak Beach in Boracay is near several restaurants. One of the most famous is Shore Grill. You will be able to experience eating at a nipa hut. Many types of food are served, but seafood is the specialty. Not far from the beach are first class resorts and hotels. 
Other Information
There are some vendors who sell shell jewelry nearby. These jewelries can only be found here; you will not find them anywhere else, so it is a good idea to get some. 
The Yapak Beach in Boracay is the place to go if you are after some peace and quiet. After partying at White Beach, this site is a fresh alternative to the other crowded beaches on the island. 

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