Bamboo Bar and Resto

Bamboo Bar and Resto is only one of the many restaurants that are found on the island of Boracay. Yet despite this, it manages to stand out from the rest, and is noted in several international travel books as the island’s best restaurant. With its friendly atmosphere and delightful array of delicacies, it comes as to no surprise that many guests to the island have flocked to it, and keep coming back for more.
Description of the Cuisine/ Specialties and Price Range
Bamboo Bar and Resto is famed for its delicious Hong Kong-style cuisine, most especially their Oriental Salad and Pecking Duck. Other popular Asian dishes on the menu include Dimsum, Lechon Macao, Roast Duck, and Steamed Fish. The restaurant also offers scrumptious entrees such as Dumplings and Vegetarian Treat. Aside from these, they also serve Filipino, Swiss, American, and Continental dishes. They also come with a bar that serves various top-shelf alcoholic drinks, including China Kiss, Mojitos, and Sangria. Not only that, but the bar also boasts of the Bamboojitos, a special concoction that is exclusive to this restaurant. Customers can indulge in the many flavorful delicacies and cool beverages that Boracay Bar and Resto has to offer at a price range of just 300 pesos.
Description of the Restaurant
Of all the restaurants on the island, Bamboo Bar and Resto is characterized by its laid-back and homey ambiance. It’s the ideal place to just chill out and enjoy a nice relaxing dinner. But what really makes the restaurant unique is that they allow their guests to sit on the floor, with cozy mats and soft cushions set in place to make sure that they feel comfortable. Also, the feel-good music that is being played around the premises further enhances the restaurant’s light and easygoing atmosphere.
Location and Nearby Establishments
Bamboo Bar and Resto is located inside Freckles Resort, one of the finest hotels on the island of Boracay. There are, however, a number of other hotels in the vicinity, such as Alice in Wonderland Resort Hotel, Alyssa Resort, Banana Saging Guesthouse, Casa Pilar Boracay, and Velis Inn. In addition, there are also several nearby bars, which include Bubbles Bar, Charls Bar, Mo2 Underground Disco, Orange Sky Club, Rumbas, and Summer Place.
Contact Information
For inquiries and reservations, Bamboo Bar and Resto can be reached through their landline number: (036)-288-3161, their mobile number: 0918-8121570, or their fax line: (036)-288-6898. They can also be contacted via e-mail at

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