From Cebu to Boracay

If you are coming from Cebu, you have a handful of options to get to Boracay.
Various Travel Options
First, there is the option of flying from Cebu to Kalibo, the capital of Aklan. From Kalibo, you will go on a land journey that will take about an hour and a half, which will take you to Caticlan. From Caticlan, there is only a 20-minute boat ride left to get to Boracay.
If you decide to travel by sea, you will have to go through Iloilo before reaching Boracay. From Iloilo, you will have to take a bus to Caticlan. That will have to be good 17 hours: 12 hours on the ferry from Cebu to Iloilo, 5 hours on the bus from Iloilo to Caticlan.
The Easiest Way
The easiest way to go is definitely flying from Cebu directly to Caticlan, then taking the boat ride to Boracay. That will cut your travel time to only over an hour.
The Cheapest Way
The cheapest way, on the other hand, is taking the route of the nautical highway. Traveling by sea from Cebu to Iloilo, then Iloilo to Caticlan, and Caticlan to Boracay will chunk your travel fare by half.
You can also choose to fly to Iloilo, which is faster. Make sure though that you avail of a budget airfare for this to be a less expensive option. Aside from minimizing your fees, you can also put a lot of quality to your vacation by taking a side trip to the wonderful sights in Iloilo.
Best Scenery/Most Fun/Most Entertaining
Taking a side trip to Iloilo on your way to Boracay from Cebu gives you lots of opportunities to enjoy both destinations in style.
Iloilo offers a helluva of architectural masterpieces that you may want to see. Thus, allot a whole day for an Iloilo exploration before proceeding to your Boracay adventure.
Although taking this route will be a lot more complicated than flying directly to Caticlan, it gives you more options to enjoy the scenery and the best of the Philippines while you are on your way.
Flying from Cebu to Caticlan may cost 2,000 to 3,000PhP depending on what you are able to book. Every so often, promo fares are offered by different airline companies to chunk a percentage of the airfare. If you are lucky enough, you can save a lot by keeping a keen eye on that.
If you are traveling by sea, your fare costs could be trimmed down by a good 25-50% depending on what transport companies you use. They offer varying rates for their facilities, you know!

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