Fridays Rock

The Fridays Rock dive site is well known by those who go scuba diving in Boracay. If you have never been to the site, you are missing out on some of the loveliest scenery on the island. 
The site is very near the diving site known as Virgin Drop. This is at the western area of Boracay. There are many ways to reach the place. But the easiest is to simply ride a speedboat at boat station 1. 
What to See
The site is actually made up of two diving destinations, the Friday Reef and Rock. Both can be explored with a single dive. The site is best known for the hordes of fish that are in it. As a feeding station, this should not come as a surprise. 
Batfishes, butterfly fishes and surgeons proliferate. There are also basses, emperors and other colorful fish around. Do not be overwhelmed by the schools of fish you see; just be prepared for them. 
Depth / Experience Level Required 
Because the starting depth is seven meters for the Friday Reef, it is suitable for beginners. The depth maxes out at 12 meters. The Fridays Rock dive site has a starting depth of 12 meters and the maximum depth is 18 meters. Because it is not so deep, all diver levels can go dive here. If you plan to explore both dive areas in the site, knowing how to manage your air supply is necessary. 
The costs are determined on a per dive basis. The lowest rate should be around 20 USD, but it should not go beyond 50 USD. Two dives will cost anywhere from 40 to 60 USD. Integrated PADI dive resorts are expensive but have all the amenities you need. 
Individual guides are cheaper, but will have less equipment. There are numerous dive guides available at the Calypso Diving Resort and the New Wave Divers resort. Both are at boat station 1. 
Other info
Experienced divers will have no difficulty navigating both dive sites. For new divers, it is best to begin at Fridays Reef due to the shallower starting level. Once you have experience handling with this site, you can move on to the Rock. Again, it may take some time before you get the hang of it; just be patient and have fun. 
The Fridays Rock dive site is also favored by underwater photographers because of its beauty. If you love taking pictures, you will not be disappointed here. 

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