Willys Rock

Willys Rock in Boracay is usually not the first thing visitors to the island check out. But there is no denying that this landmark is unique, one of a kind. This fact alone makes it worthy of a look.
The rock can be found on the northern end of boat station 1. It is only 100 meters or so from the shore. 
What to See
You may have seen it from photographs, but there is nothing like viewing it in person. It is a giant piece of rock projecting from the waters. The rock itself is impressive. But when the tides are low, it turns into something like a small island. 
Only the upper portion can be seen when the tide goes up. The rock colors provide a stunning contrast to the beach. Willys Rock in Boracay makes not just for good photography, but also worth exploring. 
Because it is near the beach, it commands a spectacular view of the beach. From there you will be able to see Nassog point. Other areas of the island can be seen as well. 
The rock is volcanic in origin, which helps explain its color. The color of the rock is rather dull, but its surroundings enhance its appearance. Through the years, the rock has become symbolic and is now widely photographed. This would increase the popularity of the place, which is why it can be seen in postcards today. 
The uniqueness and beauty of the place has made it a breeding ground for folklore, myth and legends. The folklore focuses on how the island was formed. There are also legends about the creatures that inhabit the place. 
Mermaids are said to reside in the area. The furies and other legendary creatures are said to be there. Various stories about them have been told, and the natives will only be to happy to share them with you. These stories can make your stay more interesting. 
There are no entry fees for visiting the landmark. You can go to the place anytime. 
Other Info
The rock has a grayish black color. If you look at it closely, small bits of corals will be visible. Researchers have also determined that other materials are embedded in the rock. The materials on the rock are still subject to research. 
Willys Rock in Boracay has become a symbol of the island. If you are going to the island, make sure to photograph the rock. 

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