Cyma Greek Restaurant

The Cyma Greek Restaurant is rapidly becoming one of the most popular restaurants in Boracay. Its unique dishes and special ambiance have turned it into a tourist draw. 
As the name suggests, the specialties in this restaurant are Greek delicacies. This is still quite a novelty in the Philippines, but the taste of these cuisines will leave you wanting for more. 
The menu consists of traditional and modern Greek dishes. All the ingredients are genuine, but a contemporary twist is always added to keep them fresh.
No Greek themed restaurant would be complete without the Green Lentil Soup. This classic dish is taken up with grilled garlic bread and vinaigrette. 
One of the top favorites at the Cyma Greek Restaurant is the Tzatziki, a yogurt mixed with garlic, cucumber and Htipiti (cheese). This delicious concoction is topped with some pepper. This dish is eaten with some bread. If you want some Greek style sausages, try the Loukanika. This treat is layered with pepper and some Feta cheese. 
For those looking for vegetarian treats, check out the green salad. This concoction has black olives, bow tie pasta, Feta cheese and capers. It also has tomatoes and different greens. Also worth checking out is the Cyma chopped salad. Specially made for vegetarians, it is taken with Greek vinaigrette, cheese and walnuts. 
They also add some arugula and delicious spinach. If you want some kebabs, there is Souvlakia. This is the Greek kebabs and has very flavorful sauces. Many grilled seafood delicacies can be ordered too. 
There are also many types of pasta dishes here. Some of them are the Moussaka, the national recipe of the Greeks. You can also try out the delicious Cyma Fillet Mignon. 
Price Range 
The cost of meals here start at 300 pesos. 
Other Information
There are plenty of selections for both meat lovers and vegetarians. You can have some pasta, different types of soups or seafood. Another treat you can enjoy at the restaurant is Gyro (mixed meat, lamb and chicken). This dish is served up with garnished and fresh veggies and Tzatziki. 
Hotels Nearby
The restaurant is near Regency Beach Resort and the Peninsula Resort. You will also find the El Moro Cottages and Asia Resort close by. 
Location and Contact Information
The Cyma Greek Restaurant can be found at the D’Mall not far from station 2. If you need more information, you can call them at 63-36-288-4283. You can make reservations and bookings here. 

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