Django Leathercrafts

There are many stores and specialty shops in Boracay, but Django Leathercrafts is without question one of the most popular. Its myriad offerings and friendly staff have turned it into a tourist draw. 
The shop can be found at White Beach in Boracay. If you are just arriving at the island, the boat will land you at White Beach. From there you can ride a tricycle and make your way to the shop. The place is well known, so tricycle drivers will have no problems getting you there. 
What to Buy
The store sells a variety of items, but its specialty are leather made products. Among their most popular products are the Tboli belts. These beautifully designed belts make a wonderful fashion accessory or collector’s items. The native designed lamps are also available, perfect for those who love home furnishings. 
Django Leathercrafts also sells sandals, sarongs and other apparel. Another one of their big sellers are the bags. Each one of them is designed differently, so you can have your pick. 
There are several other items on display. If you are just visiting the place for the first time, take the time to look at the different products. One of the delightful things you can do here is to simply go over the items on sale. Even if you do not intend to buy anything, chances are you will be tempted by the beauty of the items being sold. 
Many specialty stores sell expensive items. However, this store sells them at reasonable prices. If you are interested in buying some footwear or clothes, you should have around 1,000 Philippine pesos. If you are interested in the leather bags, you should have around 1,500 to 2,000 pesos. 
The nice thing about buying here is that the items are durable. Even if you pay a substantial amount today, you will still be able to use and admire them for several years to come. 
Other Information
The name of the store was derived from its owner Django. Django is responsible for the design of the products in his store. Not only is he a skilled designer, but is also skilled at music and the arts. Thus it should come as no surprise that this is reflected on the design. 
Even though many specialty stores have emerged, Django Leathercrafts continues to do well. This should some as no surprise, as its products are world class.

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