Coral Garden

The ultimate summer destination, Boracay has everything one can ask for from an idyllic summer getaway: the beautiful scenery, the wonderful beaches, and of course, the magnificent diving spots. One of the most frequented dive sites around the island is the amazing Coral Garden; a prime example of the wonders of nature hidden from the surface, accessible only to those daring enough to descend to its undersea abode. Not that it is a difficult trek; it is, in fact, a rather easy dive, and even beginners will have no trouble journeying to the resplendent sights that wait for them below
Also known as the House Reef, the Coral Garden can be easily reached either through the shore or via boat. This diving site is situated at the center of Boracay’s west coast, and can be approached from either boat stations 1 or 2.
What to See There 
As indicated by its name, the Coral Garden is indeed a beautiful undersea forest of splendid hard corals, the most notable variety among them being the cabbage corals. But apart from this, the garden also serves as an area for feeding fish. One can expect to see a number of wonderful exotic fish species such as the batfish, the butterfly fish, the clownfish, the damselfish, and the parrotfish, swimming around and waiting to be fed. They can be quite persistent and will not leave divers alone until they get fed. Fortunately for them, divers are allowed to bring along small packs of food for the fish, and certainly, going underwater to feed fish amidst the colorful corals is a diving experience one is sure to remember for a long time.
Depth/Experience Level Required
The Coral Garden has a minimum depth of approximately 5 m and a maximum depth of 12 m (39.4 ft), which makes it ideally shallow enough for both rookie and experienced divers. There are very little currents in this dive spot, perfectly suitable for training and beginner dives. Also, the site’s waters has an excellent visibility of 30 m, which means divers will not miss any of the action going on underwater.
A Coral Garden dive can cost from around 25 to 35 dollars, but this depends on the dive provider and whether or not one decides to use Nitrox. Since the diving site is actually rather shallow, using Nitrox isn’t really so necessary, so one may as well save on money and opt not to use it.

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