Palomaria Restaurant

The Palomaria Restaurant in Boracay features different kinds of scrumptious dishes aimed at pleasing customers with different tastes. For this reason, it has become quite popular.
The restaurant has a very diverse menu. There is plenty of seafood, in-house delicacies and also grilled treats. Their grilled specialties vary, but one of the most popular is the Vangies Chicken Barbecue, a hit with tourists and also local residents. 
For something unique, you can indulge in the Swedish Meatballs. Those who crave seafood will want to try out the fish kebab. The rich flavor of their seafood soup is another one of the big sellers. By far the biggest hit at the Palomaria Restaurant in Boracay is the Tuna Melt. This tasteful concoction is composed of tuna, olive and mozzarella cheese. 
Other treats that you will enjoy here are its chicken sandwich, Choriburger and special butter cakes. Aside from the tasty treats, the place also serves many kinds of drinks, including a fine selection of alcoholic beverages. If you are looking for something to relieve yourself of the heat, the restaurant will have something for you. 
Price Range
The place is relatively inexpensive. You only need to have a budget of 500 to 700 pesos to fully savor the meals here. 
Other Information
The restaurant has many other delights to offer their customers. The Brown Rice Risotto with its wild mushrooms is one of the favorites. The Grilled Veggie Salad is also something you may want to try out. For many, nothing comes close to its succulent dressing. 
The restaurant also comes with its own alfresco dining. The atmosphere here is very relaxed. The tables are spacious and the chairs are large and comfortable. Overall, what the place evokes is a “feel at home” atmosphere. Adding to the attraction is the view and the trees, which make it all the more engrossing. 
Hotels Nearby
The dining place is not far from the Lazy Dog Guest House, one of the better lodging places on the island. There are other hotels nearby, such as the True Home Boracay and the Club Manila East. The La Carmela is also in the vicinity. 
You will see the Lorenzo Grand Villa and Jonys Boracay Beach Resort in the area. All the other major establishments at Bulabog Beach are also easily accessible from the restaurant. 
Location and Contact Information
The Palomaria Restaurant in Boracay is located at Bulabog Beach. You can visit the restaurant to get more information about the place. 

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