Boracay Food Festival

The Boracay Food Festival is without question one of the most anticipated fiestas on the island. Since it began, the event has been eagerly anticipated by residents and the tourists that flock to the island every year. 
The festival begins on May 11 and lasts until the 13th of May. There are many tricycles on the island that can take you to the venue. Just tell the driver you want to see the food fiesta; they will take you there pronto. 
What to See
Just like other fiestas in the Philippines, the event is filled with music, dances, laughter and fun. Songs, dancing and other shows are presented to make the event as lively as possible. The biggest attraction at the Boracay Food Festival of course, is the food. 
One of the highlights is the competition between some of the finest cooks on the island. Once their recipes are cooked, they are proudly displayed for all to enjoy. The food cooked ranges from traditional to modern Filipino dishes. Kare kare (ox’s tail with sauce), lumpiang ubod, pancit molo and other original Filipino delicacies are available. 
For the tourist, the food selection is truly a sight to behold. It gives them an opportunity to see the range and diversity of the food. Even Filipinos who are not familiar with all the dishes in the country will enjoy it. 
What the Festival is About 
The festival is a showcase of the finest Filipino delicacies. It is a celebration of the Filipino’s love for fine food. At the same time it gives foreigners a chance to witness how these cuisines are prepared and how they taste. While the event is mainly about showing Philippine culinary wonders, it also showcases the Filipino’s love for the good life. 
The cost of the food will vary. This being a fiesta, they are very affordable. Most also allow you to sample the food that is being displayed. 
Other Info
There are literally dozens if not hundreds of food that are displayed on the festival. One of the most popular is the adobo. Adobo consists of pork or chicken spiced up with soy sauce, garlic, veggies and other seasonings. Lumpia (spring rolls) and lechon (suckling pig) are also present. 
The Boracay Food Festival also has many other delicacies. These include pinakbet, composed of squash, bagoong (fermented fish sauce) okra and bitter melon. Stuffed chicken (relleno) is another delicacy you will see at the festival. 

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