Plazoleta in Boracay is one of the many shops on the island. But it has many features that set it apart from the rest. 
The shop can be found at station 2. It is right next to Juice Bar, so the shop is impossible to miss. You can reach station 2 by tricycle if you are at another area on the island. 
What to Buy 
The shop specializes in crafts and arts locally made. The handicrafts sold at the shop are some of the finest you will see in the Philippines. Everything from sarongs to lanterns to rings are sold. You will also find necklaces, ornaments, carvings and bracelets. Plazoleta in Boracay also has an extensive line of home furniture available.
The shop also sells many artistic works of art. Many types are sold, the most popular being paintings by local artists. The styles and subject matter differ, showcasing the versatility of the artists. 
The store also sells musical instruments. You will see guitars, flutes, drums and other instruments. 
Shoppers will also delight in the wind chimes, bamboo jewelries, bags, hats and other items. These are hand made, giving them a unique look. You can spend the whole day just marveling at these products. If you have any questions, the salespeople will be glad to help you out. 
The cost of the items vary greatly. It all depends on what handicraft you are trying to buy. For the most part the items are very affordable. If you compare the cost of the items here to those in other stores in Manila, the savings can be substantial. Just like other establishments on the island, the prices will be a bit lower during the off peak season. 
Other Information
The shop is just next to the Juice Bar. This bar features live music, and its shows often have native themes. But on some nights you will also hear hip hop, rock and some blues. 
The atmosphere is cozy, relaxing and friendly. There are many bars on the island, but few can match this when it comes to showcasing music with bongo drums. 
It is closely associated with Plazoleta in Boracay. The shop often acts as its sponsor. Once you are done shopping, this bar is the best place to stop and have fun. 
This shop is the ideal place to collect some native arts and crafts. If you love handicraft, this is the place to see. 

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