Summer Place

The Summer Place in Boracay is frequented by many tourists and visitors to the island. Trendy and hip, the place has earned a solid following and is regarded as one of the finest nightspots on the island. 
The bar can be found at the White Beach path. The bar is open everyday, starting in the early evening. It remains open until the early morning. The bar is not far from boat station 2. 
Some of the hotels and resorts nearby are the Seawind Resort, Pearl of the Pacific and Crystal Sand. You will also see the Jonys Beach Resort, Royal Park and many more. 
The Summer Place in Boracay has a varied selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. There are plenty of appetizers and snacks available. You will also have a large selection of beers, wines and cocktails to choose from. 
Lovers of Japanese food can have a feast as well. Sushi and other Japanese delicacies are available. One of its most popular treats is the Mongolian Barbecue. Other types of and drinks are available. The only problem you will have is to decide which one to pick. 
The bar is known for its eclectic music. House, electronica, urban groove, jungle beats and the latest dance music is played. If you want to party and dance the night away, you will love this place. 
But they also play R&B, acoustics and many others. Although its motif is a nightclub, the varied music makes it stand out. The open air atmosphere makes dancing even more exhilarating. 
The drinks at the bar cost only 1 USD or thereabouts. The other treats at the bar are not expensive either. It is not unusual for the place to offer discounts or promos on special occasions.
Other Info
The place is known for its laid back look. You can come in to the place clad in your favorite clothing. It does not have to be formal. The casual style is ideal for those on vacation on the island. It is also a good place to meet expats, tourists and locals as they get together and have fun. During the evenings, the place is packed with locals and foreigners alike. 
Contact Information
If you want to know more about the Summer Place in Boracay, you can call them at telephone number (036)-288-3144. The staff will be able to supply all the information you need to know about the place.

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