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The Red Pirates Pub in Boracay is one of the funky places to party on the island that has its very own spunk to it. The tables and chairs are made of driftwood and the beach garden is kind of grown on its own with a little bit of human touch to it. At night, the place is made to look like a place for a tribal council lit by torches.
Talk about a native tropical island ambiance with a piratey touch. The place even seems like a favorite hangout place of fisher folk. You have nets and other personal effects you should expect coming from a fisherman. A lot of things are made from bamboo. In a word, it's a cozy homey bar and pub made for those who want to get a semblance of seclusion for a change.
Backpackers and those who are a wee bit tight on the budget will find the drinks here to be quite healthy on the wallet. It's a completely great place to chill out and meet other island party goers. The owners of the place even become the life of the party at times when things get rolling.
The name of this bar and pub really takes the cake for many folks. The owners, Jen and Joey, even add a personal touch to the already wacky set up. You can lounge on the beach beds in the afternoon or swing lazily in a hammock while waiting for the sun to finally take a dip so that the party can finally start.
Don't worry about the dress code; they don't call it Red Pirates Pub for nothing. Just wear anything pirate-like such as your feet and perhaps even a guitar to match the rumbling drums that seem to be going on every night. If you're new to the place, you can even ask the staff to mosey you on along in the direction of cheap accommodations on the island of Boracay. That's how nice the pirates here are.
Red Pirates Pub is located at Boracay's boat station number three. It's pretty easy to find so there's really no reason to fuss. The place is really just a five minute stroll off the boat station in Angol along White Beach. If you can't seem to find it, just ask the ferryman or the people manning the boat station.
The location is pretty good and far away from the mad crowd of party goers on the island. Another good thing about the location is the fact that you rarely have vendors trying to sell you something.
Special Treats in Red Pirates Pub
Other than being a cool party place at night and great place to get affordable drinks, the good old Captain Joey, one of the owners, even operate a small Paraw Boat. It's a native outrigger boat that's quite popular in Boracay. You may arrange a sailing trip around the island, sunset cruises, and snorkeling. The captain can even cook you some of his well-known barbecue when you stop over at one of the sites.
Prices and Figures
The drinks and other stuff in Red Pirates Pub are pretty affordable compared to what you get on average in Boracay. If you want to go cruising on their boat you get pay Php 600 an hour for the entire group that sails with the crew. You may have to pay in advance for the barbecue and should be booked ahead of time.
Contact Info
You may reach one of the owners of Red Pirates Pub via +63-036-288-5767 or by sending a text message to +63-915-203-0790. You may also send the captain an email at

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