The Boracay Real Estate Industry

If you have enough business acumen then you can see more than the powdery white sands and crystal blue waters when you look at Boracay. When you step on the island you either fall in love with it so much that you want to stay there for eternity or you find business opportunities. Either way, that's basically the gist of the story why many folks have taken interest in Boracay real estate.
The truth is that the local authorities in the Philippines would love to turn the island into one of the hottest tourist destinations in all of Asia. Some have even speculated that due to the rapid development of the island that it will eventually be the next Phuket. Whether that successful transformation happens or not is yet to be seen.
Gather Information – Boracay Tourist Center
Of course, before one can successfully navigate through the jungle of the Boracay real estate business, one should gather further information. As they say, information is one true key to inspiration. The Boracay Tourist Center does not only provide information that the average tourist should know about. They also have information for anyone keen enough on putting up businesses on the island. One should also get acquainted with real estate laws in the Philippines before diving in.
Lucrative Options
Purchasing just any piece of real estate in Boracay won't easily spell big bucks instantly. Of course, there are some factors to consider so that one can successfully gain ground and eventually beat the competition. Sure, there is a high demand for a lot of things due to the ever increasing volume of tourists. However, if you can't give them exactly what they're looking for then you shouldn't expect guests to be pouring money into your business.
Location, yes, location is one of the major keys to either success or failure. Note that beachfront properties are always prime cut in the island. Location sells and that is a very important lesson for anyone who wants to dive into Boracay real estate. Of course, another thing one should keep an eye on is the real estate company you're dealing with. Here are some of the real estate companies one can turn to in case you're interested in purchasing a tract of land.
BBC Real Estate
This is one of the oldest real estate companies in Boracay. They've been in business since 1989. The properties this company owns is quite extensive ranging from bungalows, two-storey vacation houses, and various apartments located almost anywhere on the island. Another good deal this company makes is that they let you rent some of the property that they own. Now that's a good way to sample the space in case before committing your name and money into it.
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SPR Real Estate
This is also another one of the pioneer Boracay real estate companies. This company is in business not just to sell or rent any piece of property on the island. In fact, they specialize in the sale of high end and exclusive pieces of real estate in the island. If you're more interested in world-class condos and villas then they may have something that you would be totally interested in. They also have vacation and holiday rentals if you're not really interested in purchasing anything. A good thing about their rentals is the fact that most of them are in beach locations.
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Boracay Realty
Of course, there are folks who prefer some privacy, which basically means away from tourist magnet beaches. Boracay realty is an institution that can help you with either residential or commercial properties that are particularly secluded and mostly located on hill top settings. They are also keen on already existing property and the development of such into ideal properties that are developed according to your liking. Apart from all that, the apartment rentals they have in store are usually property that lies along the island's main road.
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Bamboo Bungalows
The name of this Boracay real estate company says it all – they deal in the more ethnic and rustic pieces of property. You can say that they try to preserve the traditional theme for which the island was once known. They have highly rated bungalow style homes on the fashioned in the traditional Filipino home fashion. This company has been delighting clients since 1986 and they have provided a grass roots alternative to the already fast growing modern real estate companies on the island today.
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