Climate in Boracay

The climate in Boracay is one of the things that a visitor to the island should be aware of. By being knowledgeable of the weather patterns on the island, you can schedule your trip more effectively.

Weather Patterns

The climate is tropical and is divided into two seasons. In the island, the seasons are known as the Habagat and Amihan.

The Amihan Season

The Amihan season commences in November and ends in June. The season is marked by the presence of the northeast monsoon. The temperature hovers from 25 to 32 degrees Celsius. The cool temperature is helped by the constant wind blowing from the sea.

The climate is dry. On certain occasions, there will be some light rains. The temperature goes down to 22 degrees Celsius during the night.

The Summer Months

The climate in Boracay is at its hottest from mid March up to June. During this period, the temperature does not go any lower than 28 degrees Celsius. It can reach as high as 38 degrees. The temperature does not go down much during the nighttime. However, there have been times when thunderstorms occur, albeit rarely.

While temperatures can be get high, it does not remain too high for long. It cools down eventually. The summer months are the most opportune time to visit the island.

Many tourists prefer to go to Boracay during the Amihan season. Around this time, the wind emanates from the east. The beaches at the eastern side are affected by the wind. This makes them ideal places for surfing and other water sports.

The Habagat Season

This takes place from July to October. This period is dominated by the southwest monsoon. Its main characteristics are the humidity and heat. The wind blows from the west. Heavy showers can take place in the afternoon or evening.


Typhoons (hurricanes) usually occur in the Habagat season. When there is a typhoon or tropical storm, the temperature can drop to 20 degrees Celsius.

Transition Between the Seasons

The transition from Amihan to Habagat is determined by the way in which the wind blows. Most of the time, the change is sudden. In other instances, the wind will blow in different directions for a few weeks.

After a while, it will settle on a specific direction. When it does, it indicates that a new season has begun. The climate in Boracay however, can deviate from the pattern described here.

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