Fun Boracay Activities

Just what do you expect to do once you get your feet on the sands of Boracay? That's a bit of a tough question to ask. The fact of the matter is that the answers will definitely vary from one visitor to the other. Of course, there are the general answers but everyone wants their visit to be unique and others just want their experience to be custom tailored.
Obviously, a chilled out beach bummer's choice of activities will relatively be different from a gung ho Indiana Jones type of tourist. The Boracay activities lined up on the island will usually be a good expose of what the entire Philippines has to offer. Visitors will definitely get the best and at times the worst out of the country from such experiences.
Nevertheless, all in all, the vast majority of the experiences you'll garner will be pleasant and camera filling. Get your lenses ready and be prepared to take home timeless moments from paradise.
No visit to an Asian country, like the Philippines, will be without eye opening introductions to the local culture. Filipinos are known for a fact to be kind and hospitable. They're always willing to accommodate any guest, except of course if they're completely and utterly stressed out. Well, they're people too you know. In spite of all that, the local folks on the island would be more likely to be pleasant and helpful than not.
And that is basically what you will get if you happen to be on the island during one of the annual festivals. It doesn't matter which one, be it the Ati-Atihan Festival, International Beach Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Yapak Fiesta, Beach Reggae Festival, New Year, Sand Lantern Contest, or Boracay Food Festival -everyone is welcome to join in the celebrations and get a taste of what it means to be Filipino.
Sports Activities
Another popular set of Boracay activities is no less than sports. Some of the annual sports activities on the island include the International Funboard Cup, International Paraw Cup Challenge, Asian Beach Games, Invitational Golf Tournament, Dragon Boat Festival, Goma Golf Cup, Fil-American Friendship Golf Cup, Corporate Golf Cup, Beach Soccer Cup, Dive Olympics, Chairman's Golf Cup, Caddie Shack Golf Tournament, and Nestea Beach Volleyball. If you would notice, golf is such a big sport on the island.
Water Sports
Another group of Boracay activities that is such a big hit nowadays is water sports. The eastern coast of the island is a popular destination for enthusiasts of such sports. Bulabog Beach is also named as one of the best kite surf destination in Asia. Other popular water sports here include parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, snorkeling, kayaking, and helmet diving. Of course, sports like mountain biking, horseback riding, trekking, go kart racing. Be prepared to pay a minimum of Php 700 to Php 1,000 per person if you're interested in trying any of these water sports and other activities.
Boracay Diving
Yes, diving is a water sport but it's one of the Boracay activities that are so big that it needs to be set apart. As a matter of fact, many dive shops and dive outfitters that have made their way on the island. They cater to the scores of divers that come here every year. If you're new to diving then you might want to take lessons on the very basics and work your way up.
There are a lot of dive sites located in Boracay though not all of them are truly suited for beginners. There are wreck dive sites around such as the Camia II. Other dive sites that are recommended for experienced divers include Yapak Wall, Tulobhan Reef, Punta Bunga, and Channel Drift. On the other hand Friday's Rock and Coral Garden are great sites for novices who still need to get their feet wet. Diving packages vary from one dive shop or outfitter to another. On average, a dive will cost you some Php 1,600 to about Php 3,000.

Island Hopping and Island Tours

Island hopping and touring the entire island is also such a big hit among many visitors. Some hotels can also arrange these trips for you for a fee. You get to tour via boat, kayak, Segway PT, van or any other private vehicle. Some folks just go for mountain bikes to look around the place. If you have your tour arranged for you by a travel agent or your hotel, it usually includes meals.
If you're just winging it, it's advisable to bring some food with you as you go about your adventure. Arranged island tours can cost a minimum of Php 1,200. An eco tour may cost twice as much. If you're renting a boat, private land vehicle, or luxury sailing, then expect to spill more cash.

Spa and Pampering

Many people come to the island for no other reason than just to relax. To complete such a pampered mood, some folks opt to try the spas that operate in Boracay. The many spas and wellness centers here offer a variety of massages and wellness treatments. Some of the services they offer include traditional massages, Hawaiian lava stone massage, deep tissue massages, and a whole lot more.
Note that such services may already be part of the services offered by your resort/hotel or you may walk right in and ask for some pampering and treatment. This is truly one of the popular Boracay activities. Note that these services may cost you some Php 1,500 up to Php 9,500. The rates will vary depending on the spa services you choose to get. Some even offer package treatments including meals.

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