Boracay Realty

Boracay Realty provides real estate services to locals and tourists alike who wish to own or develop premier properties in the island. 
Whether you are looking to develop a small-scale or large-scale business property; own a vacation home in the island or simply get hold of prime lots for future development, this real estate company can help you find the best properties in strategic locations.
Boracay Realty Services
Apart from helping you find prime lots to own or existing houses to convert into your own vacation haven, the company likewise can provide you with excellent rentals for your holiday in the island.
If you wish to own properties in adjacent islands in Aklan, Boracay Realty can likewise assist you in this area.
Their real estate agents have years of expertise under their belts and can walk you through the whole process of owning or renting any of the properties that you’ve picked-out. 
Residential Properties
Residential properties that you can choose from include houses, villas, apartments and condominium units. These are usually situated in prime locations in the island which gives you magnificent views of the ocean.
Some of these properties sit atop a hill or stand along the beachfront of secluded beaches on the island – far enough from the tourist beaches to enjoy a tranquil settings.
Business and Commercial Properties
For business and commercial properties, you also have several options. You can opt to get a property lot and develop it later or you can get existing resorts, shops and other properties that were developed as business establishments.
Commercial buildings that you can develop into an office or rent out the units to business owners are also provided by Boracay Realty.
Holiday Rentals
As for holiday rentals, Boracay Realty offers cottages, apartments, houses and villas. These are fully furnished already and come with modern amenities to make your stay as convenient as possible.
The cottages may be located along the beachfront or very close to the beaches; or these may likewise sit atop hills or mountainsides.
Apartments are usually along the main roads of the island or may also be within a compound in a private village in Boracay. 
Other holiday rentals also include private bungalows that come with either two or four bedrooms and located several minutes from the beach.
Contact Information
Boracay Realty may be reached at telephone number: +63 36 288 5533 or fax number: +63 36 288 5566. You may also send your inquiries through their website at:
More information about the company as well as the properties that are for sale or for lease can also be found in the above-given website address. 

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  1. Hi, Boracay Realty or Gigi, if you pick this up. I have been looking to see who is representing Casa Blanca , Dave Crafts property. As it appears your website is yet to be started I can't see what is being represented. Are you representing this property or if you are not, would you like to? Please see
    Let me know if you are interested or need any images etc.

  2. Hi there

    I am looking for a long term rental property suitable for 2 adults and 2 kids. The duration is 1 year. I’m looking preferably at Station 3.

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