Henna Tattoos in Boracay

If you are the artistic type, why not get Boracay henna tattoos? If you want a souvenir from your trip to the island, these tattoos will do just fine. 
You can find tattoo artists all over White Beach. There are also some tattoo studios in Talipapa Market and other places around the island. 
What to See
There is no limit to the kind of design you can make. You can have flowers, heart shapes, letters, dogs, fantasy animals and many more. Some can be very small and discreet. Or you can turn your entire back or arm into an artistic masterpiece. When getting one, you will have to 
sit still for a while. The duration will vary depending on the design complexity. It can be 5 minutes, half an hour or even longer. These Boracay henna tattoos can be applied anywhere on your body. These parlors have catalogs with different kinds of designs. You can choose from one of them or get one customized. 
This tattoos have been around for a long time and are very popular in Boracay. To make the design, the artists use black ink. However, the style in which the subject is drawn varies per artist. Unlike other tattoos, this is not dangerous and is cheaper. 
A testament to the popularity of the tattoo is the number of artists, parlors and shops that have emerged on the island. One of the best known is Noel’s Tattoo Shop. The Lonely Planet Tattoo shop is also popular. 
The costs will depend on the artist and what type of design you want to have. A small, 2 inch tattoo will cost anywhere from 80 to 100 Php (Philippine Pesos). Some of the medium size ones will set you back about 200 Php. 
If you want a tattoo in the fancier parlors, prepare to pay more. A complex design will cost 2,000 to 3,500 Php. If you are nice you can even get a discount. 
Other Info 
Some people experience some pain when getting a tattoo. Others do not. However, the pain will not last. Note also that this tattoo is not permanent; most will last for two weeks. 
Since there are many types to choose from, make sure to compare the prices and the artwork. If you have someone who has gotten one, get a recommendation. 
Getting Boracay henna tattoos is easy. There are so many designs to choose from, so there is really no reason not to get one. 

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  1. HI! can you recommend a shop that can do a permanent tattoo? i would really like to get one in while in boracay and also because its permanent i would like really like it to be nice and safe. thank you!

  2. My husband got his henna tattoo in Boracay and this is a nightmare. We went to dermatologists twice to have medication. We advise guests on holiday not to have henna tattoo in Boracay.

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