Beach Reggae Festival

The Beach Reggae Festival is a yearly event that takes place in Boracay. The ambiance, the music and atmosphere has made it one of the most eagerly anticipated events on the island. 
The festival is usually held at White Beach. If you are coming in from Caticlan, just take one of the boats at the jetty. This will bring you directly to White Beach. 
There are many tricycles that will be happy to take you to the jetty. You also have the option of traveling by sea. These vessels will take you directly to Boracay. It is held from May 11 until May 14. 
What to See
The Beach Reggae Festival is all about reggae music. Throughout the duration of the festival, you will hear the music being played by many Filipino bands. Some of the most popular reggae bands in the Philippines are Brownman Revival and Tropical Depression. They often take part in the festival. 
There are also many solo artists who participate in the event. Other bands and artists that you will hear are Iron Youth, Hemp Republic and Bahaghari. During these times, the beach is filled with music, party and fun. 
What the Festival is About 
First of all, the festival is all about showcasing the skill of the Filipino musician. During the festival, the skills of the Filipino in playing reggae music will become evident. This being Boracay, the festival is also about having a good time. 
All over the beach, you will see people smiling, laughing and having fun. In many ways, the event showcases all the good things about life on the island. 
If you plan to attend, you have to pay an admission fee of 200 pesos. This does not include the fees for the snacks sold at the site. However, the food and drinks sold at the site are very affordable. 
Other Info
It should be stressed that the festival is not always held at White Beach. To avoid confusion, it is best if you contact the event organizer first. Due to the popularity of the festival, it is best if you book early. 
The hotels and resorts nearby will be full, so try to get reservations as early as possible. This is especially true if you plan to stay for a while. 
The Beach Reggae Festival is not just for the locals; the event is so popular that tourists and foreigners are now looking forward to it. 

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