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There are many different restaurants on the island of Boracay, each providing their customers with their respective unique dining experiences. There are numerous dining places to choose from, catering to every appetite and inclination. While it is always fun to eat in a really lavish restaurant, there are times when one opts to dine amid a more humble ambiance. Those who are looking for the latter are in luck. The good news is that there is such a place on the island that provides great meals and quality service in the midst of a cozy and serenely simple backdrop. This is CNN Café.
Description of the Cuisine/Specialties and Price Range
CNN Café offers a wide array of both Filipino and European dishes to its customers. One of its in-house specialties is the Rostis, a Swiss potato dish with a tomato and cheese seasoning. Another specialty is their Mushroom & Cheese Omelet, which is, of course, usually served for breakfast. Their other special dishes include Beef Stroganoff, Carrot Soup, and Crepe Suzette. Naturally, they also serve refreshing beverages, but they are particularly noted for their wonderful and flavorful freshly brewed coffee. Customers can enjoy a delicious and filling meal for an affordable 200 to 300-peso price range (less than US $10).
Description of the Restaurant
Although CNN Café may not be as stylish and opulent as most of the other restaurants in Boracay, it still holds a modest charm all its own. It has a homely, laid-back atmosphere that its customers find quite relaxing. It is the perfect place to just chill out, particularly ideal for breakfast and dinner, although one may also be able to enjoy a nice, intimate evening dinner. There are even tables that give diners a scenic view of the beachfront. For a little diversion, the Café has a big flat-screen TV for customers to watch the world news (appropriately enough) while they wait for their meal to arrive.
Location and Nearby Hotels
Located along the shore of White Beach, only a few steps from the Tourist Center, CNN Café is in close proximity to a number of Boracay’s most notable hotels and results. Among these are Cocomangas Hotel Beach Resort, Island Jewel Inn, Lorenzo Grand Villa Resort, Regency Boracay, and Velis Inn.
Contact Info
For more information on the restaurant, its menu, the price range, and accommodations, CNN Café can be reached via phone at the following number: (63) (36) 288 5119. 

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