Bite Club Burgers

Among the numerous elegant restaurants on the island of Boracay, one would think that a burger place would be rather out of place. Perhaps, but then, Bite Club Burgers is truly out of the ordinary, not just in comparison to the other eating establishments in the area, but also to other fast food chains in general.

Description of the Cuisine/ Specialties and Price Range

biteclubBite Club Burgers is not to be confused with any other fast food burger joint that can be found just anywhere. What sets them apart from all the rest is the sheer enormity in size of the burgers that they serve. To give an example, their Club Burger, which is actually the simplest hamburger patty that they have, weighs a quarter of a pound.

Their other patties include The Bomb, which weighs half a pound, and the Duplex, which weighs 1 pound. The patties also come in 3 types: beef, chicken, and fish. After ordering the burger of their choice, customers would then get to choose what toppings they would like to have on them.

Among the toppings they can choose from are Blue Cheese Cream, Cajun-style Spicy Sauce, Caramelized Onions, Cheddar Cheese Sauce, Chunky Mushroom and Cheese, Creamy Cheddar, Grilled or Fresh Onions, Hickory-smoked BBQ Sauce, Mushroom Pepper, Roasted Garlic and Cheese, and Wasabi & Teriyaki Sauce.

The Club Burger costs 115 pesos; the Burgerella is priced at 130 pesos; The Bomb is 175 pesos; the Bombarella is 190 pesos; and the Duplex or Triple X, the restaurant’s biggest burger, is 285 pesos. But aside from burgers, Bite Club also serves other kinds of dishes.

They also have other sandwiches such as Breaded Fish Fillet, Grilled Steak Strips, and Tender Grilled Chicken, as well as side dishes like French Fries and Potato Wedges.

Description of the Restaurant

Customers will find Bite Club Burgers’ simple and casual ambiance suitably relaxing as they sit down to enjoy the biggest and the best burgers that the restaurant has to offer.

Location and Nearby Hotels


Located in the premises of the island’s biggest shopping
center, D Mall D Boracay (also known as D’Mall), Bite Club Burgers is situated near some of the finest hotels and resorts in Boracay, which include the Hey Jude Hotel and the Boracay Regency Hotel.

Other Relevant Info

Bite Club Burgers is open to serve daily from 10 AM to 1 AM.  The place is often packed in lunch hour, so either call ahead and reserve a table or be prepared to walk around D’Mall a bit while waiting for a table.

Contact Information

For reservations, Bite Club Burgers can be reached by phone at 63-36-288-5947.



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