Dead Forest

Boracay has always been famous for its splendid beaches and its lush natural beauty. However, there is one part of the island that provides a striking contrast. Whereas the rest of the isle is teeming with life, the Dead Forest is the very picture of desolation, a stark warning against environmental abuse. And yet, it still evokes a strange beauty that fascinates all those who lay eyes upon it.
Location and How to Get to There
Located in the direction of the southern area of Bulabog Beach, one may walk directly from the beach to the Dead Forest, or walk along Lagutan Road coming from the main highway.
What to See There
Although the Dead Forest may appear “dead,” as its name so obviously describes, it is its very visage of lifelessness that so attracts many visitors to it. It is an ideal backdrop for taking pictures, and many a photographer have captured the melancholy ambiance that permeates every flooded acre of the forest. Somewhat ironically, while the Dead Forest may no longer be able to support life, it is still frequented by animals seeking respite from the heat of the sun; serving as a place for them to cool off by dipping in its still, yet somehow refreshing waters. Be warned, though, that these waters are not meant for people, so visitors are advised not to swim there, so as not to contract anything that may be detrimental to their health. It is also advised to bring along some insect repellent to ward off the bugs present in the area.
The current state of the Dead Forest stemmed from the breaking of a local dam, which caused saltwater to flow into the forest and resulted in the death of its vegetation. The only remaining trace of the great trees and mangroves that once populated this forest are mere stumps jutting out from the surface of the water. There have been talks to revive the Dead Forest, but such a move would take much of the local government’s resources, and the matter remains under consideration.
The Dead Forest does not charge any entrance fee, and is hence open for public viewing.
Other info
Not surprisingly, the haunting atmosphere of the Dead Forest has inspired stories about the supernatural inhabiting the area throughout the years. Appropriately enough, filmmakers have used it as a favorite backdrop for fantasy and horror films. On the other hand, the forest has likewise awakened the inner muse of many writers, poets and songwriters in crafting pieces on romance and lost love. 

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