Sandcastles on the Beach in Boracay

Making sandcastles on the beach in Boracay is one of those traditional activities that never gets old. It is not just for kids, but also for those who just want to have a good time at the beach. 
Boracay is about 317 kilometers from Manila. It is very near Panay Island in Western Visayas. You can reach the island by plane. Upon landing at Caticlan airport, a trike will take you to the port where boats will take you to the island. 
What to See
The beaches on the island offer great views of the seas. As you start making your sandcastles on the beach in Boracay, the skies will provide the perfect backdrop. During the day, the sky is a perfect blue, while the sunsets are in different colors. The colors range from yellow to red to pink and gold. As these colors envelop the sky, they cast a lovely glow on the beach.
No one knows exactly when this activity began. But it has become widespread. The process has not changed. You put water in buckets and wet the sand. The makes the sand easier to work with when forming towers and castle walls. 
You can make the towers as thick as pancakes and stack them up. The walls are also layered one on top of the other. The pieces are fortified by sprinkling a bit of water on top of them. 
The manner in which these castles are built has been made easier through the years. There are now plastic utensils, putty knives and trowels made just for this purpose. Using these tools, you can add as much detail to the castle as you want. 
To make your castle more realistic, dig a moat around the fortress. This will also protect the castle from rushing water. 
Making sandcastles is free; you can build as many as you like. 
Other Info
Preparing a sketch of the castle can come in handy. It will provide you with a reference point during the process. It is nice to build the castle near the water. But do not choose a site too close to the edge. If the tide goes up, waves may come up and wash your masterpiece away. 
Making sandcastles on the beach in Boracay may seem old fashioned compared to the other water sports activities you can do. But it is not; it is actually one of those activities that you will enjoy without spending money. 

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