Cafe Breizh

Cafe Breizh in Boracay is where the tourists and local residents go to when they long for some French cuisine. Its unique offerings and first class service have turned it into one of the best dining places on the island. 
There are many delicious treats you can order. Authentic French cuisines like omelets, green salads and seafood pasta are among its biggest sellers. If you long for something sweet, you will want to give their crepes a try. 
Its fruit crepes come in different flavors, but they are all noted for their luscious taste and sweetness. The most popular flavors are pineapple, banana and papaya. The cafe also serves up plenty of sandwiches. 
Of course the Cafe Breizh in Boracay has plenty of alcoholic beverages. Its specialty however, is white wine. But there are plenty of other drinks you can order here. 
One of the nice things about this place is you get to see the crepes made before your eyes. Unlike other restaurants, you have the chance to customize the crepes. For instance, you have the option to combine up to four fruits. This can be a really delicious treat. 
Price Range 
You do not need to spend a fortune here. With a budget of 10 USD, you will be able to get a taste of genuine French meals. Carrying that much amount will let you savor its many drinks too. 
Other Information
One of the nice things about the place is the variety of dining options. For those who want to dine outdoors, you have the option of eating outside below the coconut trees. Of course you have the option of dining inside as well. The atmosphere in the place is enhanced by the soothing music that is played. 
Hotels Nearby
There are several hotels near the place. The Nigi-Nigi Nu Noos and the Red Coconut are close by. You will also see that the One Crescent Place is very near it too. Other lodging places nearby are the Crystal Sand, Club Ten and Lorenzo Grand Villas. The Sea World Diving Center and Blue Mango Dive Center are close by. 
Location and Contact Information
The Cafe Breizh in Boracay can be found at the station 2 at White Beach. This place is very easy to reach, as almost all ferries and boats will drop you there. To find out more information about the place, you just have to visit it. The staff will answer all your questions about the establishment. 

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