Fruits In Ice Cream

The Fruits in Ice Cream parlor in Boracay is the place to go when the heat starts really getting to you. For ice cream lovers, it is paradise. 
As the name suggests, the parlor / cafe serves up different types of ice cream. Whether you order by mug or bowl however, you will be able to get ice cream in different fruit flavors. There are not just different flavors, but also collections. 
Their Premium collection is made up of fruit flavors from different countries. Some of the biggest sellers are the Mango Ice Cream from the Philippines, Japan Green Tea and Brazilian coffee Cappuccino. 
The Fruits in Ice Cream parlor in Boracay also has the Gourmet Collection. This is made up of creamy fruit with nut toppings. They are also sprinkled with some cookie bits and many other sweet treats. Some of its most popular flavors are the Pistachio, Choco Mint with Raspberry Ripple, Butter Caramel with butter cookies and Raspberry Rapture. 
Price Range
A single scoop of their Premium chocolate costs 40 pesos. If you want the Gourmet Collection, a single scoop will cost 50 pesos. The FIC Lite Collection costs begin at 70 pesos. You can also get the ice cream mixed in with other flavors. On the average, the ice cream will cost from 40 to 150 pesos. 
Other Information
The parlor also has the Pinoy Sorbetes Collection. Some of the flavors you may want to try out are the Ube Pinoy, Tsoko Nut and the Banana-Q ice cream. 
The FIC Lite Collection are ice cream delights that are fat-free. If you are on a diet, these are the flavors that you should go for. In spite of the fact that they lack fat, they still taste superb. To keep up with the demand, the parlor is always coming out with new flavors and concoctions that customers can look forward to. 
Hotels Nearby
The parlor is not far from the hotels on the island. Among the nearest are the Cocomangas Beach Resort, Red Coconut Beach and the Plaza Beach Resort. There are also budget accommodation nearby like the Hey Jude Hotel, Isla Baila and the Sandras Inn. There are are stores nearby too. 
Location and Contact Information
The Fruits in Ice Cream parlor in Boracay can be found at Unit 1 at the D Mall Plaza. This is in between stations 1 and 2. For information about reservations and bookings, you can call 63-36-288-4023.

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