Bom Bom Bar

Bom Bom Bar is one of the best places for happenings in Boracay. It is a favorite hang out place among fun-loving individuals.

Description of the Bar

Bom Bom Bar is a gimmick place that does not only offer a lively nightlife but also the best experience of the beach. While at the bar, you can have the best glimpse of the sparkling stretch of white sand set against the crystal blue waters.

It serves music, drinks, food, and lots of delightful surprises that constantly keep the guests itching for more.

The atmosphere at Bom Bom Bar is laid back and relaxed. There is no need to bang around because jam sessions are usually soft, playing lightly in the ear. Its rustic ambience provides a nice alternative to the loud banging noises of other joints.

The interiors are filled with local arts and crafts. Driftwood seating can also be found outside the bar, overlooking the beach view.

Location of Bom Bom Bar

Bom Bom Bar is a tiny bar that can be found near Station 1. While it does not always steal your attention with its size, it will definitely make you throw a second look with its inviting set-up.


The best thing that tourists note about Bom Bom Bar is its laid-back appeal. Amid the modernization all around what used to be a sleepy little island, it does not seem to affect the bar a bit. It remained true to its offer of a cozy little place to spend the night along.

Price Range

Bom Bom Bar offers a variety of local drinks and imported spirits. Price range is reasonable. You can even get yourself a nice offer during happy hours.

Other Info

Majority of the bars in Boracay reflect the same lively, loud-banging noise that bars in Manila are known for. If you are tired of all those things and want a nice place where you can enjoy the liberty of drinking along with your buddies amidst the rural feel, this is where you should go. Foreign and locals alike frequent Bom Bom Bar not for its drinks, not for its food, not for its music, but for its atmosphere. There is nothing like feeling relaxed and rejuvenated when it seems like you can have a quiet time to yourself, even during gimmick nights.

Contact Info

Bom Bom Bar has no contact numbers or website or email address. However, it is easy to spot the place in the Station 1 vicinity, with its bean bags and straw mats spread on the beach.

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